Utility Analytics Week 2019

The Power of Data

Big data, IoT and other rapidly advancing technologies have transformed the utility industry like few others. Smart meters, sensors and intelligent devices produce massive volumes of data that can be mined for actionable insights to optimize networks and systems, reduce operating costs, improve grid reliability and encourage innovation. Utilities are using data and analytics to achieve a wide range of business objectives, such as:

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Predict outages and equipment failures
  • Identify usage patterns to increase efficiencies
  • Eliminate redundancies for process optimization
  • Improve infrastructure scalability and extensibility
  • Optimize operational systems and networks

But to be successful, a data analytics strategy must first be built on a solid data management foundation.


Unlocking Data’s Potential

Analytics is critical to unlocking business insights, but if you want meaningful results, you must begin with data that’s trusted and understood. A foundation of quality-powered data governance produces quality data, which in turn generates quality insights.

The Data360® enterprise data intelligence platform integrates data governance, data quality and data analytics capabilities into an agile, scalable solution to protect and improve data quality throughout the data supply chain, and educate users on the location, meaning, usage and fitness of enterprsie data assets.. This first-if-its kind solution was designed for business, as well as IT users, giving both the power to trust their data, and the ability to quickly and easily turn that data into meaningful business insights.


Data360 Delivers:

Data Governance

Provides enterprise-level data organization and understanding, which helps business users know where data comes from, what it means, who owns it, and if they can trust it.

Metadata Management

Enables deeper data understanding and helps users derive true predictive analytics, which are critical to the insights and outcomes the utility sector badly needs.

Data Catalog

Allows users to search, explore, and easily access existing data, with automation that eliminates heavy lifting while connecting technical data asset information with business terms and context.

Data Lineage

Traces data’s origins, where it moves through processes, systems and applications, and how it is used or transformed over time. In data analytics, it creates an audit trail and allows users to track errors back to their source.

Data Quality

Delivers basic quality measures such as completeness, conformance and validity, while also delivering advanced quality checks for streaming data, complex data environments and event-driven architectures.

Self-Service Data

Features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to access virtually any data source and easily acquire and parse that data in a fraction of the time for faster speed to analytic insights.

Data Analytics

Data360 unlocks the business value of data by using statistical, predictive and machine learning techniques to discover insights and make predictions and recommendations.


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