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Data Quality:
Dataversity: How Much Data Quality is Good Enough?
 How to ensure data is fit for consumption
TDWI: Data Quality in the Age of Big Data
 How to adjust and optimize data quality best practices
Dataversity: The Many Dimensions of Data Quality
 How companies can improve and maintain the quality of their data
Inside Big Data: Untangling Seven Myths and Truths about Data
 How to overcome common data quality misconceptions
Gartner: How to Create a Business Case for Data Quality Improvement
 How to design a compelling data quality improvement business case
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: Data Quality
 A definition of data quality by TechTarget SearchDataManagement
Dataversity: What is Data Quality?
 A definition of data quality by Dataversity
Techopedia: Data Quality
 A definition of data quality by Techopedia
Analytics Insight: Data Quality and Master Data Management
 How to improve your data quality
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Data Governance:
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: What is Data Governance and Why Does it Matter?
 A definition of data governance by TechTarget SearchDataManagement
Dataversity: Data Governance Trends in 2020
 Why companies see more value in data governance
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities
 How to structure and implement data governance roles
Dataversity: What is Data Governance?
 A definition of data governance by Dataversity
Tech Target SearchDataManagement: 6 Best Practices on Data Governance for Big Data Environments
 How to govern a mix of structured and unstructured data
Gartner: CISOs Must Master Data Governance for GDPR Compliance
 Why data governance is critical for regulatory compliance
Forrester: Data Governance Takes a Turn – And it’s a Doozy
 Why data governance should be embedded into all processes across the data ecosystem
The Data Governance Institute: Defining Data Governance
 A definition of data governance by the Data Governance Institute
CIO: What is Data Governance? A Best Practices Framework for Managing Data Assets
 A definition of data governance by CIO
TDWI: Eight Ways Data Governance Builds a Positive Company Culture
 How businesses benefit from data governance
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: Data Governance Metrics: Data Quality, Data Literacy and More
 How to measure data governance programs
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Metadata Management:
Dataversity: The Value of Metadata Governance
 Why metadata management is essential
Dataversity: Fundamentals of Metadata Management
 How to effectively manage metadata
TechTarget WhatIs: Metadata Management
 A definition of metadata management by TechTarget WhatIs
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Lifewire: What is Metadata?
 A definition of metadata by Lifewire
Solutions Review: The 11 Best Metadata Management Tools for 2020
 A roundup of the best metadata management tools by Solutions Review
Gartner: Enterprise Metadata Management
 A definition of enterprise metadata management by Gartner
TDWI: Modern Metadata Management
 How to replace manual metadata management tasks
BizTech Magazine: What is Metadata Management and How Can IT Teams Do it Better?
 Why metadata is the foundation for making data a usable asset
Forbes: The Value of Metadata
 Why metadata is fundamental to all organizations
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Data Catalog:
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: What are the Main Features of Data Catalog Software?
 Why data catalogs are important for self-service analytics users
Database Trends & Applications: The Rise of the Data Catalog
 How data catalogs establish an inventory of data assets
Dataversity: What is a Data Catalog?
 A definition of data catalogs by Dataversity
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: Data Catalog
 A definition of data catalogs by TechTarget SearchDataManagement
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: What Steps are Key to Building a Data Catalog?
 How to create a data catalog
Techopedia: Data Catalog
 A definition of data catalogs by Techopedia
KDNuggets: What is Data Catalog and Why You Should Care?
 How data catalogs meet the challenges of data management and collaboration
Data Science Central: A Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Data Catalog
 How to create a data catalog
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Data Lineage:
Dataversity: Harvest Data Lineage to Build Effective Data Governance
 How to trace data from its origin to its destination
Innovation Enterprise: Top Reasons Why Data Lineage Is Important for A Business
 Why data lineage is essential
Solutions Review: What is Data Lineage?
 A definition of Data Lineage by Solutions Review
Inside Big Data: Data Lineage – The Key to Understanding Your Data Landscape
 Why understanding data lineage is critical
Techopedia: Data Lineage
 A definition of data lineage by Techopedia
TechTarget WhatIs: Data Lineage
 A definition of data lineage by TechTarget WhatIs
Bloomberg: Data Lineage Efforts Stymie Banks and Insurers
 Why data lineage is important in the financial and insurance sectors
O’Reilly Radar: Why Companies are in Need of Data Lineage Solutions
 How data lineage and data governance technologies are evolving
SD Times: Getting to the Root of Your Data’s History
 How businesses can track their data’s lineage
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Data Preparation:
TechTarget SearchBusinessAnalytics: Data Preparation
 A definition of data preparation by TechTarget SearchBusinessAnalytics
CIO: Data Preparation Tools: Your Analytics Strategy’s Secret Weapon
 How to get data preparation right
Analytics Insight: Accelerate Your Analytics Strategy with Next-Gen Data Preparation Tools
 Why it’s critical to get data preparation right
Big Data Analytics News: What Is Data Preparation and Why Is It Important?
 How to prepare data for analytics
Solutions Review: Key Takeaways from Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Data Preparation
 A recap of the Gartner 2019 Market Guide for Data Preparation by Solutions Review
Dataversity: What is Data Preparation?
 A definition of data preparation by Dataversity
O’Reilly Radar: The Unreasonable Importance of Data Preparation
 Why analytical models are only as good as the data
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Bloor Research: Analytics
 A definition of analytics by Bloor Research
Datamation: 5 Data Analytics Trends Shaping the Future of Analytics
 How data analytics shapes businesses
Gartner: Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends
 Why analytics have significant disruptive potential
Analytics Insight: Data Analytics will Drive the Growth of IoT
 Why IoT and data analytics are naturally connected
Forbes: Data Analytics and Data Management Market
 Why digital platforms are important for data analytics
Forrester: Data and Analytics Leaders
 How to optimize data analytics
Gartner: Gartner Reveals Five Major Trends Shaping the Evolution of Analytics and Business Intelligence
 How to increase the value of data analytics
TechTarget SearchDataManaegemt: Data Analytics
 A definition of data analytics by TechTarget SearchDataManagement
Harvard Business Review: What’s the Best Approach to Data Analytics?
 How to approach data analytics
Techopedia: Data Analytics
 A definition of data analytics by Techopedia
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Data Management:
ITWeb: How Data Management is Changing
 How to manage and use data across an entire organization
KuppingerCole: Sustainable Data Management
 How to gain a competitive advantage from data
TechRepublic: Data Management: A Cheat Sheet
 How to properly manage data
SDxCentral: What is Unified Data Management
 How to manage data as a single, centralized element
TechTarget SearchDataManagement: What is Data Management and Why is it Important?
 A definition of data management by TechTarget SearchDataManagement
Intelligent CIO: Data Management is Key to Enterprise Growth
 Why successful data management is a driver for business growth
Gartner: How to Get Started with Master Data Management
 How to adopt master data management
Forrester: Is There A Single-Source Provider for Data Management? Not Yet
 Why modern data management technologies are crucial
Dataversity: What is Data Management
 A definition of data management by Dataversity
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Regulatory Compliance:
TechTarget SearchCompliance: Regulatory Compliance
 A definition of regulatory compliance by TechTarget SearchCompliance
KuppingerCole: Regulatory Compliance a Potential Driver of Cloud Migration
 How regulatory compliance stimulates cloud migration
TechTarget SearchCompliance: Compliance Framework
 A definition of compliance framework by TechTarget SearchCompliance
ComputerWeekly: Top Four Compliance Considerations for SMEs
 How to comply with data protection laws
InformationWeek: Why Compliance is for Guidance, Not a Security Strategy
 Why businesses shouldn’t conflate compliance with security
Gartner: 6 Ways Compliance Can Build Data Analytics Skills
 How to equip compliance staff with data science expertise
Forrester: Compliance Is Your Floor, Not Your Ceiling
 Why governance is about more than just compliance
KMWorld: The Expanding Compliance Technology Market
 Why the governance, risk and compliance market is growing
SC Magazine: The Three-Sphere Circus of Compliance
 How to wrestle with compliance requirements
Updated: May 29, 2020
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