Statutory Reporting

Lessen the risk to information, simplify your auditing and streamline statutory reporting.

“Infogix automated our tedious work of validating our statutory reporting. We now have confidence that the reports are complete and accurate.” Global 2000 Insurer


Statutory Reporting


Statutory Reporting for Regulatory Compliance

Financial and non-financial reporting to varied government agencies as mandated by regulatory requirements is onerous and wrought with information risk. Today’s multinational corporations must contend with a slew of varied statutory reporting requirements including: IAS, IFRS, Basel II, Solvency II, SOX, AML, Statutory Accounting Principles, MiFID, SEPA and other international, federal, state and local regulations.

The Benefits of Implementing and Effective Statutory Reporting Program

Penalties for non-compliance have grown in severity and the information required for these reports comes from many different systems, business functions and subsidiaries. Add to this the changing landscape of regulatory requirements and compound it with mergers and acquisitions. Such errors can lead to fines, embarrassing headlines, and unwanted regulator attention.

Infogix solutions have a proven track record of eliminating errors in all types of statutory reporting, providing you with the following important benefits:

  • Automate validation of 100% of the information in your reports
  • Detect and resolve errors before they propagate
  • Reduce costs, rework, reruns, and restatements
  • Streamline audits and compliance
  • Comply with regulation more effectively at less cost

Infogix solutions for Statutory Reporting help you monitor and analyze transactions across complex processes, achieve real-time continuous visibility of all of your systems and transactions, and ensure that all the information contained in your reports is accurate, consistent, and reliable.

Now, you can independently and automatically validate reported information against your diverse array of internal source systems and databases, and streamline the process to generate and validate accurate statutory reporting.