Shared Accumulators

 Accuracy without Automation is a Challenge.

Anything that is shared is prone to not achieving its business outcome unless someone is accountable to ensure success. When it comes to shared accumulators, its success is dependent on real-time data accuracy across a range of internal systems and 3rd party carve out vendors with one party being ultimately responsible to ensure Shared Accumulator Integrity – The Healthcare Payer.

Deductibles and Maximum Out-of-Pocket limits (MOOP) that are updated by multiple systems and entities can easily become out of sync and create customer satisfaction issues.


Shared Accumulators Data Integrity



Shared Accumulators Integrity


The Infogix Shared Accumulator Integrity solution allows you to:

  • Ensure data quality by validating data as it flows across the enterprise
  • Receive alerts when exceptions occur
  • Route exceptions to the appropriate individuals for resolution
  • See a real-time view of the data and any errors that have occurred
  • Create customized notifications based on business rules and SLA violations
  • Report on vendor performance

No matter how simple or complex your process, Infogix simplifies the complexity through real-time monitoring to track data timeliness and automate data integrity checks to ensure accuracy.  By monitoring 100% of your data, exceptions can be immediately flagged for prompt investigation and resolution to ensure that your shared accumulators are accurate and up-to-date. Infogix transaction processing is a core capability of the Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform that non-intrusively  captures and analyzes data in its native format, so there is no need to add additional complexity by converting data to any special format.

When the Shared Accumulator solution is paired with Infogix’s Marketplace Membership Reconciliation you can be confident in the accuracy of member data both in your system and that of your contracted vendors.