Regulatory Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect May 25, 2018 and represents a ground-breaking effort by the European Union (EU) to intensify personal data protection. This makes GDPR compliance not just an issue for EU organizations, but for global companies who need to move quickly to implement a comprehensive GDPR compliance strategy across their enterprise.

Compliance Enablement Through Governance

GDPR requires ongoing documentation of your data and data processes including: definition and categorization of data, data lineage, managing authorizations, access, rights and usage. We provide comprehensive data governance from creation to consumption, across all lines of business and all business processes, with real-time visibility into all aspects of your data.

Comprehensive data governance from creation to consumption.

Robust Audit Controls

GDPR has a diverse set of regulatory requirements. As data usage within your organization changes and processes evolve, our solution provides customizable business rules that monitor your data processes to ensure ongoing GDPR compliance.

Automated Alerts and Resolution Workflows

To complement ongoing monitoring and governance activities, automated alerts quickly identify potential out-of-compliance situations as well as governance tasks. Automated workflows allow for easy issue routing, investigation and resolution of suspected violations, tracking data subject requests and GDPR compliant governance approvals.

Proactive Personal Data Identification

To properly account for the data, classify it appropriately (i.e. child sensitive) and ensure all applicable approvals are obtained, we use machine learning algorithms for analysis to proactively identify hidden personal data across all systems, sources and processes.

Enterprise-Wide Visualization

We provide a centralized repository of personalized data information as well as a wide range of dashboards for documenting, tracking and monitoring data process owners, data sources, approvals, data categorization and other compliance matters.

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