Member Lifecycle Analysis

A new administration means changes to healthcare policies, but one thing isn’t going to change—your need to target, retain and influence your members.

Member lifecycle analysis is the strategy used by successful payers to leverage member acquisition and retention plans, as well as maximize effective Member Engagement and accurately predict critical factors such as Propensity to Pay and Propensity to Churn.

The Infogix solution utilizes years of expertise across the spectrum of data intensive industries, like telecom and banking.  At Infogix, we’ve helped healthcare payers for over 30 years manage the constant changes in regulations, growing data, and need to satisfy the growing demands of the member.

The Infogix Solution:

  • Developed and refined over 30 years for 4 of the top 5 health insurers in the United States as well as some of the world’s premiere consumer marketers – tested with proven success in the real world on millions of consumers.
  • Both descriptive and predictive in nature – reveals not only what is happening in the business NOW, but more importantly what WILL happen in the future.
  • Answers key questions at every stage of engagement with your members, from initial interactions with prospective members, to on-boarding, and throughout the relationship.

Build a Solid Foundation

Analyzing member data for accuracy and completeness across the member lifecycle is often taken for granted. When data errors or even fraudulent activity go undetected, it impacts member satisfaction and the bottom line.

Automated business rules that monitor and track data across the member lifecycle lead to trustworthy data with integrity.  Abusive activity stands out.

Member Tracking:  Ensure that a high quality member tracking process is in place.  This prevents member frustration and allows your personalized engagement strategies to be most effective.

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