Fraud Prevention

Delivers actionable intelligence that enables you to make informed business decisions.

Shielding your company from Fraud, begins at the point of sale and Customer and/or member acquisition, but it continues throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship you have with your member or customer.

Fraudsters are getting smarter and more efficient than ever. Pair that with overwhelming volumes of data, and it may seem impossible to guard against waste and abuse.

Case Study

Infogix Analytics Helps Avert $1.5M in Losses during Attacks


Case Study

Critical Point-of-Sale Solution Saves $78M


Case Study

Infogix Analytics First Quarter Implementation: $33.7M


Infogix Fraud solutions produce accurate and comprehensive rules based analysis that focus on identity matching and behavior profiling. The outcome is an automatic, real-time, and statistically significant reporting tools that deliver actionable intelligence and enable you to make informed business decisions.

  • Accurate and Comprehensive: Sophisticated analytical engines identify all fraud scenarios while reducing false positives
  • Speed of Resolution: Intelligent workflow tools and convenient access to case collateral for rapid case disposition
  • Reporting: Customized KPI reporting and dashboards tailored to every level of your organization
  • Scalable: TCO and ROI; system scales as you grow with an emphasis on the total cost of ownership and Return on Investment with on-time implementations and system effective on day one
  • Support: Global 24/7 support, on site post-implementation resources, daily monitoring of the system with SLA reporting and comprehensive business analytics support

Case Study

Using Infogix Analytics to Reduce Fraud by 200%






Best Practices for Fraud Management Analytics in CSPs


Fraud Capabilities

Eliminate Fraud at the Point of Sale
Using matching & scoring algorithms, aliasing and customer risk scoring engines validate all relevant applicant information against a database of known offenders. Protect your network from dealer and retail channel fraud. Infogix monitors behavior and maintains black lists of stolen vouchers, devices, cards, IP addresses, etc. among other attributes.

Fingerprinting Enables Early Detection
Pattern Identification is simply the process of sensing regularities in data and then using those regularities to define correlations or predict future events. Sometimes we call this Pattern Identification “Fingerprinting,” when we build a very specific pattern of behavior that describes a unique individual. We can use Pattern Identification, including Behavioral Fingerprinting, to identify individuals of interest or groups that deserve attention.

Powerful Aliasing Engine Stops Identity Thieves and Returns Bad Debt Customers/Members
Determine whether the applying customer or member is a fraudulent user or returning bad debt user. Most importantly, you can prescribe specific actions to both these cases.

Propensity Scoring
PropensitySCORING® applies an algorithm to the customer or members past behavior and attempts to predict his or her likelihood for potential behavior. You can use this score to predict the likelihood of fraud, reduce risk associated with future claimants, or choose to avoid fraud altogether.

Customer Risk Scoring
Once activated, you can subscribe a score to each new customer or member, and monitor them as they move throughout their entire lifecycle.

Given all the fraud challenges facing organizations today, Infogix Fraud Detection Management Systems have helped:

  • Identify applicants who submit multiple applications in an attempt to commit fraud
  • Flag applications that have been submitted by returning bad debt customers
  • Tag known fraudsters and bad debt customers who make repeated new service applications
  • Eliminate ID manipulators, especially those attempting to exploit retail channels
  • Flagging applications from duplicate and deceased people