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Infogix data analysis interacts with information in real-time or batch, inside or outside of the business process, including your internal and third party data, which means we truly are analyzing your data end-to-end.

Legacy, Distributed, & Cloud Based
Many organizations have infrastructures comprised of legacy, distributed, and cloud-based computing systems. Global companies, in particular, have critical and very specific needs, since transactions cross borders, involve multiple currencies and markets and they’re hindered by swiftly moving exchange rates and multiple time zones. We partner with 7 of the top 10 commercial banks providing them with automated, independent and real-time analysis for balancing and reconciliation of their core operations and financial systems.

In fact, Infogix solutions can actually extend the value of your current investments by providing the following:


General Ledger Reconciliation

Your general ledger serves as the central system for your financial transactions. Material inaccuracies, lack of data quality, loss of productivity, inconsistencies, and reporting errors are many of the reasons why leading companies moved beyond manual controls and adopted Infogix for reliable and sustainable processes. The confidence of knowing all of your transactions and reports within your general ledger are trustworthy, will keep your business operations compliant and safe.

Infogix automated, independent and real-time data analysis enables you to perform the following functions:

  • Shorten your financial close process
  • Optimize account reconciliations
  • Maintain accurate financial data across multiple ERP/GL systems.
  • Detect and prevent information errors early – before they reach your general ledger and financial reports
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and streamline internal and external audits with an online, easy-to-use, control evidence database
  • Automate balancing and reconciliation
  • Increase stakeholder trust in your financial and regulatory reporting