EDGE Server Data Management Solution

Reduce Risk Adjustment and Reinsurance Data Issues


EDGE Server Data Management


Case Study

3R Data Integrity


Case Sudy

Detecting Dirty Data to Prevent PHI Breaches and Fines


Prevent Revenue Leakage in Healthcare Reform

With your risk scores (and subsequent reimbursements) dependent upon the accuracy of your enrollment data, it’s critical that your data inputs are solid. If your data is rejected by the Health & Human Services (HHS) auditors, you will be investing valuable administrative time investigating, mitigating and reprocessing records. Couple that with aggressive timelines, and it can strain any organization’s resources to the breaking point.


End-to-End Solution for Small and Large Payers

The Infogix EDGE Server Data Management solution relieves resource drain and improves cash flow. Its end-to-end management of the data preparation, submission and error resolution process ensures the overall integrity with minimal errors.

The solution can be implemented with limited IT resources, so critical talent is free to focus on more value-added tasks.

3R Data Compliance

Infogix analysis provides health plans with flexible, auditable and scalable platform that responds to all aspects of the 3R data requirements. We provide easy-to-use, full-featured capabilities creating the necessary business rules, reconciliation, dashboards, and reports within any health plan’s 3R operation workflow. This enables the health plan to be both compliant and efficient in its operation.


Did You Know

  • Infogix can rapidly implement our solutions; making you compliant in as little as 6 weeks
  • The risk adjustment program, which is permanent, transfers funds from relatively lower risk members to plan with relatively higher risk members
  • With over 30 years of experience, our solutions were designed for healthcare