Data360® Business Glossary Edition

Are you looking for a very affordable yet efficient gateway into your data governance program? Do you need a powerful tool to help you manage your data? Do you want to promote your data governance program effectively?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then Infogix’s Data360® Business Glossary Edition (BGE) can provide the help you need. With its robust and flexible, built-for-purpose features, BGE allows you to effectively manage your data governance program.


BGE’s glossaries help organize critical details of your data assets from start-to-finish. Diagrams are used to visualize the impact changes may have on data and their related assets, while rules are created to maintain internal or regulatory policies. Scoring is used to determine what “good governance” looks like. Also, workflows help to manage the change processes of your governed items.

With rapid installation, this cloud-hosted, pre-configured, browser-based solution includes packaged training and self-help videos to get you started.

Efficient organization and management

Flexible Training

While a platform will go a long way in solving your data management challenges, you may need help during implementation. Our team of data-management experts has put together a plan for all the training you’ll need.

Familiarize yourself with BGE in the Introductory Instructor-Led Govern class, where participants will be trained on administration concepts and practice exercises that they can use to learn the basics of the BGE application. Also, a collection of self-serve training resources are provided. These easily consumable articles and training videos include information on standard configuration guidelines, tags and bulk loading, and additional training on governance, custom fields, and creation of information models. Lastly, built-in user and administration guides will support you through on-going configuration and maintenance activities.

or on-demand
self-serve training.
One, the other, or both!

Mentoring Services

In addition to training, our Infogix data experts will be available to help along the way. A best practice meta-model session template created from multiple data governance implementations is available for you to kick start the governance journey. At the same time, Infogix data experts can provide limited but high-impact mentoring services to our customers, while our product support teams are available for guidance and support whenever you may need it.

You will not walk through this process alone.

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