Data Science as a Service

Achieving Excellence by Accelerating your Analytics Endevors

Most companies estimate they’re analyzing a mere 12% of the data they generate, according to Forrester Research. It’s not for lack of effort, but often for lack of qualified resources to conquer the many analytical opportunities on the table.

The challenge isn’t what can be done with the resources at your disposal, but rather, what you can accomplish by thinking outside of the box, to smooth out resource requirement peaks, and accomplish more.

Opportunities abound and often it’s suitable to sublimate projects to try new analytical approaches or simply fill a need in a particular area to accelerate go-to-market.


Data Science as a Service


Case Study

Propensity-to-Pay Model Improves Collections by 50%



Customer Lifecycle Management


Our Approach

Infogix’s Data Science as a Service is a convenient and cost-effective way to complement your analytics projects with a proven, well-rounded team of resources without distracting from your focus areas or changing the way you do business. As an analytics leader with more than 30 years of data analysis experience, Infogix provides comprehensive solutions and services, including advanced analytics services for various verticals.

We accomplish this by either augmenting a part of a project or by tackling an entire project from start to finish. We take pride in not just successfully accomplishing the technical objectives of the analytics effort, but also delivering the targeted business outcomes by providing a multi-dimensional skill set including business analysts and subject matter experts, in addition to experienced data scientists. Our team has the experience of non-intrusively deploying or operationalizing, and supporting the analytics in live business environments.

Opportunity to Accelerate Results

Here is just a sampling of the business problems and quantifiable results from applying the Infogix Data Science as a Service offering to different application areas.


Application Areas

The graphic below illustrates the main areas of focus addressed by the Infogix Data Science team. Since advanced analytics expertise can be applied to a variety of business areas, utilization of the team’s capabilities is not limited to these areas. In situations where specific problem areas are not clearly identified, our team can begin the journey by gathering a business/technology team of analytics experts to join your team in an analytics workshop to explore the possibilities of applying advanced analytics in one or more application areas.



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