Office of Data

Are you looking to drive enterprise-level data strategy within your organization? Are you searching for practical innovation around the latest in data automation, machine learning, deep learning, or broader advanced analytics? Are you seeking answers on how to operationalize data governance or data quality?

If you say yes to one or more of the above questions, then Infogix’s Enterprise Data Exchange can provide you with the right answer and a ready-to-implement solution. Our methodology starts with raw data, and through metadata harvesting and creation, we can enrich and transform that data into insights and visualizations. The finished data “products” are highly searchable and usable, and together build a comprehensive Office of Data.

Enterprise Data Exchange

Data360® is designed to manage the metric of Cycle Time to Insights which is a measure of analytical productivity and efficiency. This measurement not only covers the activities of research, feature engineering, and design, but also covers integration of the analytical insights and tracking lineage back to the operations of the organization. Platform usage leads to a clear understanding of enterprise data from a meaning and purpose, technical and architectural as well as quality and security perspective. The result is a data marketplace that enables the data supply chain to deliver high-quality and meaningful information to the right person at the right time.

A data supply chain that delivers high quality and meaningful information.

Launch Data Strategy Support

While a platform will go a long way in solving your data management challenges, you will need help during implementation. Our team of data governance, data science and data management experts will help your team implement the ideal program by building a road map to prove incremental value in predictable timelines to track ongoing ROI for efforts and strategic investments. Our team uses best practices learned across organizations in multiple industries to help achieve quick time to value.

We use best practices to help achieve quick time to value.

Data Governance Operations Management (DGO)

At its core, DGO automatically manages and maintains critical institutional data knowledge. Unlike inefficient manual processes that are neither scalable nor sustainable, DGO continuously evaluates if something about data has changed—a business process, applications, people or attributes. We can support you with various assessments based on lessons learned to determine how best to minimize risk by optimizing and automating your DGO.

It improves the quality of your organizational data assets.

Get Insights

For a deeper dive into this topic, visit our resource center. Here you will find a broad selection of content that represents the compiled wisdom, experience and advice of our seasoned data experts and thought leaders.

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