Risk Detection at the Point of Sale

Analyze every element of a new customer application

Infogix’s solutions, at the Point of Sale, analyze every element of a new customer application to deliver an accurate and real-time assessment of risk associated with the new customer. Our solutions, powered by advanced analytics, reduce collections risk, fraud losses and operational costs with a comprehensive solution designed to help you preserve the new customer experience, while keeping the fraudsters away and exercising more control over potentially high risk customers.

Case Study

Critical Point-of-Sale Solution Saves $78M



How it Works?

Powered by sophisticated identity analytics that perform complex matching algorithms against one or more Positive Alias Databases (PAD), the solution instantly and successfully identifies repeating scammers, bad debtors and other past suspect individuals or entities. . This can be combined with a powerful predictive analytics engine to generate risk scores for individuals or entities with no prior known history to better understand their propensity to cause fraud.  High scoring applications are flagged as cases for further review.  Our integrated workflow and case management functionality enables analyst to quickly make decisions or trigger additional actions to resolve and close the case.