Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Identifying your best customer is the key to profitability.
Keeping them happy is the key to your growth.

The Infogix Customer Analytics solution provides a platform that identifies risk and opportunity throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer.

Similar to how a package is tracked from the moment you purchase your item online, to the minute it arrives at your door, Infogix follows your customer with the same attention to detail. Only here, there are hundreds more steps, with millions of pieces of data, all analyzed automatically and delivered to you, in real-time with the promise of data quality, and packaged together in customizable and actionable reports

Customer Acquisition

Predict the propensity to buy, pay or introduce risk at the point of sale.
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Customer Churn

Understand customer relationships better to eliminate or reduce churn.
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Customer Retention

Pinpoint your efforts and focus on the right customers.

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Customer Upsell / Cross-Sell

Utilize customer data to identify opportunities and maximize revenue.

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Propensity to Pay

Identify a customer’s propensity to purchase new services and pay on time.

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