Balancing and Reconciliation

Discover Why Infogix Balancing & Reconciliation Solutions are Delivering 85% more Savings than In-House Development.



Flexible balancing rules, comprehensive checks, and powerful detail reconciliation features save time and money through:

• Lifecycle costs
• Transparency & audit trail for out of balance results
• Maintenance costs
• Releases each year

Infogix Balancing & Reconciliation Solutions for Insurance, Healthcare, Financial Services & Telecom Industries:

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Benefits of Infogix Flexible and Scalable Balancing & Reconciliation Capabilities


Data Integrity
 vvvvvvvvvvvv operational-efficiencies
Operational Efficiency
 vvvvvvvvvvvv risk-reduction
Risk Reduction

With an automated balancing solution from Infogix, you can:

  • Free valuable resources from manual balancing and reconciling activities
  • Work directly with existing business data in a standardized way regardless of the underlying computing platform
  • Successfully migrate from legacy systems onto newer technologies
  • Ensure outsourced business processes have the necessary reconciliation
  • Validate all enterprise information, instead of just sample sets and spot checks, consequently eliminating the need for manual balancing
  • Improve operational efficiency by speeding cycle times, and reducing errors and reruns – allowing you to increase productivity
  • Reduce duplicate payments, staffing, and paper costs
  • Eliminate duplicate record and file processing
  • Speed audits by using a standard system business rules approach with a full and verifiable online audit trail
  • Support migration to new technology at a lower cost while assuring data consistency and processing accuracy


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