Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Analyzing anti-money laundering operations: From source to surveillance



Anti-money Laundering



Improving Efficiency and Visibility in AML Operations



AML: Automate Your Compliance


The End-To-End Approach to AML Surveillance Operations

Using Infogix Solutions to improve AML Operations allows organizations to focus their attention on the true intent of AML – detecting fraud and suspicious activities. Improving the operational processes underlying your AML program can help to ensure that all of your critical AML activities are run against complete and accurate data. By implementing Infogix Solutions for AML, organizations have generated significant value related to their AML surveillance efforts. Infogix solutions allow your organization to:

  • Reduce the risks for regulatory fines or remediation – specifically AML transaction look-backs and eliminating the high resource costs associated with these efforts
  • Lessen false positives, and the associated investigation costs, that are generated when an AML system receives incomplete, inaccurate, and bad quality data
  • Increase visibility and monitoring of AML operations helping to reduce overall AML risk and gain insight into opportunities for further operational efficiency gains
  • Gain a higher level of confidence that AML surveillance efforts and systems are running against accurate, complete and timely data
  • Minimize rework necessary when bad data is loaded into the AML system

Additionally, Infogix solutions deliver an independent and standardized means by which to communicate with regulatory examiners. Infogix customers have long relied upon our enterprise data platform to clearly communicate and demonstrate their ability and willingness to implement end-to-end analysis over critical processes to examiners.