Advanced Controls

We offer a wide range of Advanced Controls options. They can function independently or in combination with Data360®, our enterprise data intelligence platform, to provide enhanced functionality for data monitoring, analysis and reconciliation to extract insights and ensure data completeness and accuracy.


Infogix Assure® improves data quality and processes by verifying, balancing, reconciling and tracking data within highly complex, data-intensive business environments. Assure delivers continuous transaction monitoring and balancing and reconciliation of customer behaviors to give business users accurate and consistent data that they can trust.

  • Turns data into actionable intelligence
  • Applies automated end to end analytics
  • Detects data errors at the transactional level
  • Produces trustworthy data to support governance, risk, and compliance


Infogix ACR® provides your organization with accurate, consistent and reliable data integrity in high volume mainframe or host-based environments. Automated controls for early detection of inaccurate data to maximize enterprise data quality and minimize risks of downstream data-related issues, resulting in improved efficiencies and better data results.

  • User interface enables you to easily perform extraction, balancing and reporting of information
  • Automated and independent data validation
  • End-to-end validation, from both line-item and file-level perspectives
  • Non-intrusive or embedded processing validates information at its source and in its native format


Infogix ER® provides reconciliation and case management to streamline workflows and simplify issue resolution for customers. Fast and efficient management of operational, financial or customer exceptions means data issues are appropriately prioritized and effectively handled, helping to optimize organizational resources.

  • Fully service-oriented architecture (SOA) enabled solution configured to your business processes
  • Routing and custom workflows streamline issues resolution and deliver work to specific users/queues
  • Rule-based reconciliation and matching allow creation of custom/standardized business rules
  • Supports a wide array of data, formats and access methods


NetMind® is an enterprise-class risk and fraud management solution for traditional wireline, wireless (pre and post-paid), VoIP, data, cable and next generation networks. It protects any mix of voice, data, messaging, IPTV and M-Commerce services. With rule builder and behavioral analysis engines that continuously learn, monitor and self-adapt to better detect fraud at the first indication, NetMind is uniquely designed to go beyond traditional profiling tools that are limited to subscriber usage monitoring.

  • Eliminate fraud from the point of customer activation
  • Powerful aliasing engine to stop identity thieves and bad debt customers
  • Usage profiling for ongoing fraud detection throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Customer risk scoring to identify high-risk subscribers


Infogix Insight® provides a portal into the hundreds or thousands of analytical business rules and controls involved in the ongoing monitoring of your data, processes and transactions. Insight provides dashboards that cumulate business rules into logical groups to monitor process performance. When business rules detect anomalies, it gives instant visibility into issues, as well as the ability to drill down to view the root cause details for real-time monitoring and historical trending.

  • Process visualization for enterprise transparency
  • End-to-end data monitoring across all business rules
  • Real-time alerts for notification of potential issues
  • Dashboard visibility into data flows and processes


Infogix Perceive® provides real-time enterprise data management and reporting, giving you the ability to create customized reports designed to meet your exact needs and specifications. Perceive automatically extracts data from Assure, ACR and ER, allowing you to render and deliver customized and ad hoc reports to provide metrics and deliver insights. These highly flexible reporting capabilities provide ongoing visibility into your data across the enterprise, giving users actionable insights to drive business decisions.

  • Built-in reporting engine for development of user-defined templates in different types and formats
  • Fully customizable and ad hoc reports, including crosstabs, charts, and tables
  • Report scheduling to establish and run reports based on pre-defined requirements and business processes
  • Multi-channel report access across PCs and mobile devices

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