Infogix offers a variety of training options for all our products.

A software solution only benefits your organization when your employees know how to use it. Have you just purchased an Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis offering? Or, are you a long-time user of Infogix solutions with a need to get your newest employees up to speed? Infogix offers a variety of training options for all of our products, and for every caliber of user.


Training Course Catalog


Training Courses

Infogix instructor-led training courses are offered in the following areas:

  • ACR/Detail® Basic Training
  • ACR/Detail® Intermediate Training
  • ACR/Detail® Mastery Training
  • ACR/Summary® Basic Training
  • ACR/Summary® Intermediate Training
  • Assure® Basic Training
  • Assure® Intermediate Training
  • Assure® Advanced Training
  • ER® Basic Training
  • Insight® Basic Training
  • Perceive® Basic Training
  • Perceive Studio® Intermediate Training

Training courses are offered in two ways:

a. On-site Training

On-site training is performed at the customer site or at the Infogix Education Center in Naperville, Illinois. This is instructor-led training with many hands-on activities and interactive dialog between the students and instructor. This training is best when you initially engage on a project and need to get a team up to speed on product knowledge and use.

For more information and to schedule nn-site training, please contact us at

b. WebEx Training

Webex training is performed remotely via a web conference call with an Infogix instructor. This training is conducted in blocks of 2-hour sessions with an instructor lecturing and demonstrating the product. Participants are then given an assignment, which they complete prior to the next day’s session. Assignments are hands-on activities which allow the participant to practice what was demonstrated in the web lecture. Participants are required to register prior to the session.

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