Strategic Services

Strategies for accurate, consistent and reliable data within and across your business  processes

Organizations face increasing pressures to cut costs, reduce errors, and improve cycle time of their business operations through improved operational efficiencies. Added to this, are the ever increasing regulations calling for greater visibility, transparency, and maintenance of performance levels. It’s is essential for businesses to have a sound strategy in place for accurate, consistent, and reliable data both within and across its business processes.

We work with several leading organizations to help monitor and improve their operations. We have the right combination of experience, technical, and analytical capabilities. These capabilities, when coupled with industry domain knowledge, form a powerful combination that helps you reduce cost and improve accuracy of your mission critical processes.

Engagement Options

Strategic Opportunity Assessment (SOA) Evaluation of the risk (operational, information and compliance) and the operational efficiency of programs/functions within a customer organization that are of strategic/mission critical importance.
Controls Opportunity Assessment (COA) Detailed evaluation of the risk (operational, information and compliance) and the operational efficiency of one specific process/function within the customer ogranization
Process Monitoring & Visibility Assessment (PVA) Detailed evaluation of the performance monitoring and operational visibility needs of one specific process/function within the customer organization
Operational Analytics Service (OAS) Detailed Analysis of operational data of a business process using statistical methods like Pareto Analysis and Regression Analysis. Deliverables include process performance measurements through different KPI’s and recommendations to improve business processes.
ROI Analysis Detailed evaluation of the controls implemented by an existing/prospective customer organization to arrive at the Return on Investment associated with Infogix Solutions.
Process Discovery Workshop (PDW) High level evaluation of the risk (operational, information and compliance) and the operation efficiency of one specific process/function within the customer organization


Engagement Outcomes

Assessment of the current state in terms of operational and information risk along with monitoring and measuring business process performance

  • A better understanding of the value of mitigating operational risk and improving operational efficiency
  • An in depth understanding of the controls needed to reduce risk, enable compliance, and improve operational efficiency
  • A detailed set of metrics that need to be monitored in order to measure process performance
  • A strategy and roadmap for achieving operational risk and efficiency improvements
  • Quantified value of implementing Infogix solutions


  1. Discover
  2. Analyze
  3. Recommend
  4. Engage


The typical deliverables associated with the Infogix Assessment service include:

  • Interview findings
  • Current state assessment
  • Information risk and gap analysis
  • Information exchange heat map
  • Controls and monitoring recommendations
  • Process performance metrics and dashboards
  • Prioritization and integrated plan
  • Strategic opportunities and recommendations
  • Program road map, work effort estimate and costs

Operational Analytics Service

The operational analytics service is the latest offering from the Infogix’ Strategic Services. It is highly data intensive and utilizes statistical methods to analyze operational data to help clients better understand their processes and provide insights into the associated risks and inefficiencies. Recommendations are product agnostic and are aimed at improving customer operations significantly.

The list below samples the types of analysis performed on the operational data:

  • Cycle time analysis
  • Affinity diagrams
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
  • Pareto analysis
  • Force field analysis
  • Value added/non-value added analysis
  • Regression and correlation analysis

As an outcome, we provide business process performance measurement through different KPIs and recommendations to improve the processes.


The duration of our assessment service depends upon the engagement type, scope and objectives with services provided on or off customer site as needed. Typical duration of our service can range from 2-6 weeks.

To reach an Infogix professional about Infogix Strategic Services Offerings please email, or call us at (630) 505-1800.