Professional Services

We provide a comprehensive range of consultative services that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether a new or a mature data management program, our services can be focused around a specific event or structured as an ongoing extension of your team. Professional Services generally fall within one of three classifications: Program Initiation, Project Assistance or Ongoing Assistance.

Program Initiation

Program initiation services are typically strategic consulting engagements that focus on creation of a data strategy, definition of data governance or other data management programs. Data strategy seeks to identify the key data, how the data can be measured and improved and how consumers can locate, access and use the data. A data program starts with the gathering of internal stakeholders and the creation of a manageable scope and process for the data that will be measured and managed. Strategy engagements use workshops, interviews and proprietary tools to uncover the data to be curated and refined. Engagements also generate a prioritized list of use cases that will optimize the time to value.

  • Launch Data Strategy
  • Data Governance Program Strategy
  • Data Quality Assessment

Project Assistance

Project assistance covers the broad range of services associated with implementing Data360®, our enterprise data intelligence platform. Typical project activities include requirements gathering, solution design, solution configuration and integration, testing, deployment, and multi-channel training.

  • Configuration and Integration
  • Data and Metadata Ingestion
  • Data Visualization
  • Product, Solution and Role Training

Ongoing Assistance

Post-implementation, we can provide around-the-clock product support as well as an array of DevOps services. Once your program is deployed our Professional Services is ready to drive more value from the solution. Customers often request an ongoing DevOps arrangement using our resources for continued configuration, dashboard creation and production monitoring, or simply access to our subject matter experts on an ad hoc basis for mentoring. We tailor both product support and DevOps services to match your needs.

  • Tailored Product Support
  • Dev Ops Configuration and Operations Monitoring
  • Staff Augmentation and Mentoring

Why Infogix Support?

Standard support is included as part of your regular maintenance fees. Infogix also provides higher-level support packages that will enhance your experience with Infogix Customer Support.

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