Salesforce Contact Data Cleansing

The problem with Salesforce contact data?

Blink, and it’s outdated and inaccurate, turning a powerful tool into a potential liability. Data imports, failed integrations and manual entry can all cause errors and duplicates to proliferate. And bad data can result in bad sales and marketing outcomes.

Any sales or marketing pro can tell you, keeping data current is an uphill battle.

Keeping information current, complete and free of duplicates isn’t easy. Typical data cleansing solutions eliminate duplicates, but often lack the additional data quality checks and quality scoring that not only ensure contact data integrity, but build trust among users.

Current, accurate data saves time, resources and opportunities.

With a flexible data cleansing solution, you can protect and improve the quality of your data, and don’t have to worry about errors or poor third-party data polluting your database and costing you customers.

You need an automated solution to restore and protect contact data integrity.

Infogix can help. Here’s how.

How we do it

Simply send us your data files and we’ll immediately apply our pre-packaged data quality checks and de-duplication logic to create clean, complete and duplicate-free data. Unlike other cleansing solutions that build rules from scratch and take days or weeks for results, our pre-built rule sets quickly and easily deliver files that are clean, complete and free of duplicates. But that’s just the beginning. With Infogix contact data remastering, you can:

  • Check for data conformity, completeness and accuracy
  • Identify both complete and fuzzy duplicates
  • Remediate files to eliminate errors, duplicates and missing but known values
  • Receive a list of data issues for repair or automatic updates at the source
  • Set up custom data quality rules to address known quality issues or duplicate types
  • Drill down into data quality check results to see which records failed and why
  • Create a composite set of records as a single source of truth for contact data
  • Establish data quality scoring on both data elements and records to gauge quality and build user trust
  • Integrate data governance to manage metrics and data within a governance program
  • Repeat remastering on a scheduled or on demand basis (e.g., upon introduction of 3rd party data sets)

Our all-inclusive data intelligence platform reduces cleansing costs by eliminating the need for customer technical expertise and multiple tools for data acquisition, data quality checks, master logic and report generation. And unlike other solutions that require manual manipulation and formatting of results, our integrated process produces clear, easily consumable and digestible reports.

The Infogix solution not only provides easy customer on-boarding, but fast and flexible changes to cleansing parameters. Rule sets are quickly and easily modified to adjust quality checks and duplicate detection.

Process Flow

The Benefits

Contact data remastering is a fast and easy way to ensure you have accurate, actionable data to meet all of your sales and marketing needs.  Benefits include:

  • Save time and resources with elimination of manual processes
  • Reduce churn in lead generation due to invalid data
  • Better business opportunities through reliable sales lead data
  • Stronger customer partnerships built on reliable data that encourages client outreach
  • Successful sales and marketing campaign execution
  • Data quality metrics and scoring to ensure continued data integrity
  • Lower risks from data decay and human error
  • Increased user trust and use of critical data
  • Decreased threat to customer experience due to incorrect data

To learn more about this flexible and easy data quality solution, check out the data sheet and case study below.

Salesforce Contact Data Cleansing Data Sheet

Media Giant Improves Contact Data Quality & Process Case Study