Infogix Perceive®

Infogix Perceive® provides real-time enterprise data management and reporting.

Advanced Module of The Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform.

Data is meaningful when it is combined and analyzed into digestible information to derive business value. Infogix Perceive automatically extracts data from Infogix Assure, Infogix ACR, and Infogix ER, allowing you to render and deliver customized and adhoc reports that glean insights into what is working, what isn’t working, and what areas require additional analysis as information becomes available. Dashboards provide real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) visibility and actionable insight in order to make informed business decisions. An understanding of the automated business rule results that monitor your data can be easily created via standardized templates, as an adhoc report or sent periodically as a scheduled report for immediate viewing on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.


Infogix Perceive



Technical Specifications


Product Overview

  • Manage Your Enterprise Data– Automatically extract data from Infogix Assure, Infogix ACR and Infogix ER  and eliminate the need to prepare data for reporting purposes through Infogix Perceive’s advanced data management capability. Combine your business data and analytical results in order to fully understand your company’s data. You also have the option of sending your data to external sources for additional processing or visualization purposes.
  • Built-In Reporting Engine – Create professional looking reports and graphs based up on your data selection. Develope user defined report templates that are stored in the Report Repository. These reports can include interactive charts, images, sub-reports, expressions and more. Reports can be published in PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSV, DOC, PPT, ODT.
  • Adhoc Reports – Create reports on the fly with a drag and drop report designer to build crosstabs, tables and chart-based reports.
  • Report Scheduling – Schedule your reports in our report scheduler which runs depending on your requirements and business processes.
  • Report Mobility – View your reports on-the-go by accessing via your mobile device.
  • Security – Apply User and Role Based security controls to provide access to data that is needed for each user.

Infogix Perceive is your real-time reporting tool that is integrated with Infogix Assure, Infogix ACR, and Infogix ER to save you time in creating customized, adhoc, and standardized reports tailored to individual users or group of users consuming information in their day to day job duties.

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