Infogix ER®

Infogix ER® provides reconciliation and case management to streamline workflows and reduce time to resolution with automated workflows.

Advanced Module of the Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform.

The Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform analyzes your data, generates exceptions and cases based on your automated business rules. Infogix ER workflow capabilities allows users to efficiently investigate and resolve cases and operational, financial, or customer exceptions. Enterprises demand accurate and timely resolution to cases in order to accelerate the reconciliation and resolution management process. Infogix ER is a fully service-oriented architecture (SOA) enabled solution that is configured to your business processes, allowing you to efficiently manage and prioritize workflows.


Infogix ER



Technical Specifications


Product Overview

  • Supports Multiple Inputs and Formats – Infogix ER provides non-intrusive reconciliation and case management support for a vast array of data, formats, and access methods, allowing you to keep your data in its existing format.
  • Rule-Based Reconciliation and Matching – User-defined business rules can be created for financial reconciliations and matches based on selected entities, such as account number or cost center. The reconciliation activities can then be standardized across the enterprise, specific to business needs.
  • Routing and Custom Workflows – With Infogix ER, customized research and resolution workflows provide routing rules that have the ability to deliver exceptions to users or to specific queues. This provides an organized and structured approach to handling reconciliations and cases, facilitating productivity and efficiency.
  • Customizable Research – By having a centralized repository of all enterprise reconciliations and cases, Infogix ER allows the user to conduct timely research and resolution for all exceptions. This research can provide detailed information for users to manually match items, escalate tasks or critical items, correct a transaction, link to previous cases, or reassign work to another user.
  • Communicate Results – Once a reconciliation or case is resolved, communications can be automatically created to inform business users, audit, or compliance of the results. Infogix ER allows users to create notes which document work or send out automated emails, reports, letters, corrective adjustments or attachments that inform customers during the process.

The Infogix ER solution offers your business the ability to consolidate, automate and manage reconciliations, providing you confidence knowing that your transactions and reports are accurate and timely. As a flexible, configurable solution, Infogix ER aligns with your business processes, letting you define and modify the solution as your business requirements grow and market trends change.

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