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Infogix’ best-in-class solutions seamlessly integrate into your operations and allow you to manage highly complex, data intensive business environments. By Capturing, Analyzing, Acting, and Communicating on and with your data in real-time or batch, Infogix is able to provide proactive and actionable intelligence to manage operational workflows and steps.

At the core of the Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform is Infogix Assure which analyzes your data with automated business rules and machine learning algorithms. As data continues to grow it is paramount to gain control over your data through operationalizing data analysis across your enterprise. Infogix data analysis process is comprised of 4 key steps:

The process begins with capturing data from any source in any form providing powerful real-time access into you data sets across disparate IT systems. Sources such as general ledger, insurance claims, payment databases, customer information, sales metrics and 3rd party data sources are captured in their native format for analysis.

The robust analytics capabilities of the Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform analyze the captured data to develop deep insights in the analysis of data across your enterprise to provide insightful results. The core capabilities of analysis span five core areas – Data Quality,Balancing and Reconciliation, Transaction Monitoring, Identity Matching and Behavior Profiling, and Predictive Models. The outcomes of the analysis drive business results in:


The core differentiator of the Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform is to seamlessly embed the results of data analysis into your business processes to derive business value. Our advanced workflow and exception management capabilities automate the processes of embedding the analysis results into your daily business operations.

Communication is pivotal to the process to make certain that the right data at the right time is presented to the business stakeholders responsible for making the informed business decisions.  The Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform provides customized and sophisticated dashboards and reports to deliver real-time operating performance metrics to streamline operations and communicate results of the analysis. Consumption of data in a easy to digest format is done by both customizing views and embedding rules to automatically alert you to critical business operations that require action.

Infogix Assure is deployed at major organizations around the world.  Our customers in financial servicesproperty casualty and life insurancehealthcare, Media and Communications, and others rely on Infogix Assure to support their data integrity, fraud prevention, GRCoperational efficiencies, and revenue optimization initiatives to make informed business decisions to propel their business success.

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