Infogix ACR®

Providing accurate, consistent and reliable data integrity for mainframe and host-based environments.

Infogix ACR/Summary® and ACR/Detail® analyze your data with automated business rules across operations for early detection of inaccurate data, leading to reduced errors and improved efficiency.

Core product in the Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform.


Infogix ACR



Technical Specifications


Product Overview

  • Automated and Independent– Infogix ACR/Summary® and Infogix ACR/Detail® business rules are automated and independent creating a lower cost alternative to manual or semi-automated analysis for validating information. Independent business rules monitor data to ensure that managers and auditors have the confidence that data is accurate, without impacting existing processes.
  • Complete, end-to-end validation – Infogix ACR/Summary® compares file-level totals, cumulative totals, and records while Infogix ACR/Detail® verifies the line items of each transaction; individually, as suspense items, or in batches. With the ability to read a vast set of data sources and file types, both solutions execute business rules across applications, LPARs, and systems, ensuring reliable data across the enterprise.
  • Non-Intrusive or Embedded Processing – Validate information at its source and in its native format to identify duplicate files, corrupt transactions, or incorrect values. Non-Intrusive validation can run concurrent to your processes or embedded within your application to identify errors before they affect downstream processes. Information can be controlled from multiple file, database or report sources to cross-check for consistency.
  • Flexible User Interface – With complete user interfaces available for the z/OS, Windows, and AS/400 platforms, you can write automated business rules for your business using the interface on your users platform and run them where the data resides. The business-rules engine allows you to easily perform flexible extraction, balancing, and reporting of information on your mainframe and on other platforms. These rules can be easily written, maintained, and updated to meet industry changes, compliance demands and company audits.
  • Flexible Reporting and Outputs – A variety of reports including standard, columnar and completely custom are available to help you make informed decisions, satisfy compliance requirements, and accelerate corrective actions. Infogix ACR/Detail® also provides a completely customizable output file to facilitate corrections. Infogix ACR/Summary® and Infogix ACR/Detail® automated business rules and reports can be sent to the Infogix Insight® Advanced Module for web-based viewing and analysis.
  • Analyze Historical Results – Infogix ACR/Summary® and Infogix ACR/Detail® history analysis capabilities can help you review trends in your information. Trending is accomplished using calculations and standard deviations available in analysis reports. Operational history can be integrated with the Infogix Insight® Advanced Module for graphical views.

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