Infogix Data3Sixty®

Infogix Data3Sixty® Validate

Data quality is either the bedrock of an organization’s data supply chain strategy or a latent liability. Infogix Data3Sixty Validate employs a unique set of capabilities to harness the power of big data to perform data quality, balancing and reconciliation, file monitoring, and process validation on both big data and traditional data environments. High volumes are easily processed and the results from data profiling, consistency, conformity, completeness, timeliness and reconciliation checks are output into dynamic reports and case management workflows.

Combine these robust capabilities with the functionality of Infogix Data3Sixty Analyze and you have a big data quality solution equipped with the power of analytics and driven by machine learning to significantly improve your data quality results.

All of this equates to efficiency and effectiveness gains in reducing risk and supporting regulatory compliance.

Infogix Data3Sixty® Govern

Infogix Data3Sixty Govern accelerates time to deployment and delivers an all-inclusive view of your organization’s data landscape to combat the increasingly complex demands around regulations and compliance, and the shifting tides of business policies and business alignment. Our solution allows you to easily define, track, and manage all aspects of your data assets, enabling collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and user empowerment through transparency across your enterprise.

Infogix Data3Sixty® Analyze

Looking to extract insight from data, but tired of waiting on others to get you the information you need? Infogix Data3Sixty Analyze is designed with a data preparation visual workflow which allows less technical users to apply more advanced analytics, such as statistical controls and machine learning algorithms. This empowers business users to aggregate and control data in order to accelerate and improve the subsequent data analysis process, applying analytics to extract value from your data.

Infogix Advanced Controls Products

Looking to extract additional insight from data? Infogix Advanced Controls Products combine with the platform to offer increased functionality, visibility, and options for our customers. Infogix Advanced Controls Products provide enhanced functionality for more advanced use cases, such as monitoring data with highly complex formats and analyzing high volumes of data for fraudulent behavior.