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500 million wireless cable and broadband subscribers covered.

Infogix software solutions help your company profile and analyze data in real-time as it moves across your enterprise. If you’re focused on analyzing the complete lifecycle of your customer or modernizing legacy systems to support competitive business objectives, you’ll need best in class solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations to manage your highly complex, data intensive business environments.

Infogix solutions can automatically analyze 100% of transactions, whether originating from inside or outside of your organization, to ensure accurate analytics. With a customer renewal rate of nearly 100%, our customers rely on us to mitigate risk and conduct the data analysis necessary to drive a superior customer experience.

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Case Study

Infogix Analytics Increases Marketing Spend ROI By Over 40%



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Case Study

Infogix Analytics Platform Achieves Four-Year ROI of 550%


Infogix Liberates Big Data

The Infogix Big Data Analytics suite excels in identifying and predicting fraud and analyzing customer behavior patterns such as propensity to pay and propensity to collect. Using an integrated suite of data and analytics software solutions, Infogix is industry and system agnostic, with the capability to analyze data across your enterprise by capturing, analyzing, acting, and communicating business analysis results.

Infogix liberates your data by establishing trust through data integrity, developing insights through big data analytics, and understanding your data through data governance. The outcome is improved analytical models to reduce risk, support compliance, provide end-to-end data visibility, and increase operational efficiencies. With flexible cloud and on-premises deployment options and cost effective implementation, your organization benefits from a wide range of business outcomes.

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