Infogix Integrates Data Quality, Data Governance and Analytics Capabilities into a Big Data Management Platform as Infogix Data360™

Suite of Solutions Work Independently or in Concert in Any Data Intensive Environment Turning Data into Usable Assets

Michelle GenserSeptember 27, 2017

Naperville, Ill. – September 27, 2017 – Infogix, a leading data and analytics software provider, has integrated its data quality, data governance, and analytics capabilities into a single big data management platform, called Infogix Data360™. The announcement signifies Infogix Data3Sixy’s widening dominance in data management with one platform architected to enable end-to-end data management with modules for data quality, machine learning-enabled analytics and data governance.

The Infogix Data360 platform constitutes shared self-service capabilities such as visual data prep, interactive reporting, case management, and collaboration to enable both technical and business users to interact with data. The power of the big data management platform is derived from its underlying Hadoop stack, leveraging Spark for high performance processing of large volumes of data in real-time.

We previously noted that the delivery of what is now Infogix Data360 Analyze would be an interesting addition to the market as it was designed to provide a broad range of functionality – including data acquisition, preparation, analysis and visualization – for which customers today would need to assemble several products and services from a variety of vendors. Add in the acquired collaborative data-governance capabilities and Infogix’s expertise in data reconciliation and you have a differentiated product portfolio,” said Matt Aslett, Research Director for the Data Platforms & Analytics channel at 451 Research.

“Our customers have successfully used Infogix’s capabilities for 35+ years, but increasingly want a cohesive, single platform to serve up high volumes of accurate data to any user to make meaningful business decisions,” said Sumit Nijhawan, CEO and president of Infogix. “The combination of modules to validate, govern and analyze data ensures data usage readiness for analytics and a clear understanding of the meaning of enterprise data, helping technical and business users to make revenue-impacting decisions now based on data they can trust.”

Traditionally, stand-alone data quality, governance and analytics tools have been used to solve a wide variety of data challenges. However, turning raw data into meaningful business insights is a significantly more difficult challenge that requires an integrated tool to efficiently ingest, prepare and analyze data. Infogix Data360 evaluates any intense data environment, using machine learning as an enabler of data quality, with a consistent governance process that spans the data supply chain to make data more valuable to users. The result is trustworthy data sets that are in an easy to digest format, allowing businesses to identify and extract relevant data in lightning speed. Infogix Data360 also presents this information visually to help identify patterns and support analytical models. The self-service modules are designed to empower the business user and reduce the workload of IT specialists who are already in high demand.

Infogix Data360 integrated suite includes:

  • Infogix Data360™ Validate: Enables high volume data quality checks such as data profiling, consistency, conformity, completeness, timeliness and reconciliation to validate the quality of data. Visual data prep enables business or technical end-users to create and execute validations as needed or on the fly to operationalize results as quickly as possible.
  • Infogix Data360™ Govern: Governs and fosters the collaboration of critical data assets across business and technical teams. It centralizes documentation of definitions, policies, ownership, data quality and other key metrics in one repository. Connectors can self-populate metadata including data quality scores and profiles to automate many labor-intensive processes.
  • Infogix Data360™ Analyze: Applies machine learning algorithms with intuitive drag-and drop functionality to conduct ad hoc analysis – segmentation, classification, regression, recommendation and forecasting – for faster execution. Integrated analysis of validation and governance sources and outputs optimizes and automates insights not easily identified through standard techniques.

These modules work independently or in-tandem to enable better control over data and to help businesses with decision making and problem-solving.

Infogix Data360 also offers a wide array of other benefits, including accelerating time-to-insight, automating and streamlining data quality, tracking data lineage and simplifying data preparation. Also, Infogix Data360 is an extremely scalable and flexible solution that gives complete control over end-to-end processes, and allows users to pinpoint data of interest. This not only saves time and money, but enables organizations to have confidence in the data they’re using.

“The biggest nemesis derailing big data adoption for many organizations is poor data quality because it hinders analytical excellence,” said Nijhawan. “Infogix Data360 brings an integrated approach to data and analytics by using a unique combination of governance, data management and data analytic tools to help achieve accurate, trustworthy data that users can quickly operationalize for faster, more strategic decision-making.”

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