Infogix ICON 2020 Wrap-Up

Julie SkeenDecember 11, 2020

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We recently completed Infogix’s first-ever virtual customer event. It was wonderful to hear from so many customers about the value they receive from Infogix’s data intelligence platform, Data360®. Watching them exchange ideas with each other was also delightful.

For those who are not yet part of the Infogix family, you may be wondering what was shared. It will be challenging to summarize 35 sessions over six days. So, I will share just a few of the high points to give a flavor of what our attendees saw, heard, and shared.

A keynote from Gene Leganza, Vice President & Research Director at Forrester, discussed insights as a team sport. He shared concepts such as the benefits of becoming an insight-driven organization but doing so as a team sport. He also discussed enabling DataOps, the emerging practice of quickly activating data for insights and intelligence at scale, and incrementally working toward Ambient Data Governance to infuse governance into every-day actions.

Several customers, including General Mills, Welsh Water, Principal Insurance, Elia, and Central Mutual Insurance, presented data governance or data catalog implementation sessions. Please keep it simple, start small, be flexible, and expect that things will happen that you didn’t expect were common themes. Also, making data governance personal to data users and making it easy for them to promote its use throughout the enterprise is advised. Finally, the practice of finding out what the business units are already doing was recommended. Then following up and not forcing a lot of change, but instead formalizing the data governance processes t that is already in place. This will provide flexibility in the data governance processes and allow the tool to adapt to the business instead of forcing it.

Other customers such as Progressive, Comcast, Aflac, Mass Mutual, Avant, Pershing, and Auto-Owners made presentations on various topics, including data quality, reconciliation, controls, and agile data preparation. We heard from one customer who has tens of thousands of rules in place and can satisfy a request for over 2,000 rules in a single month, and one who was able to obtain broad data quality coverage by focusing on a few high-value data quality checks, which reduced their time to value. We learned that change is not a problem but an opportunity and that modernization projects, while time-consuming, pay off in the end. And not to underestimate planning, and that keeping stakeholders involved through the entire process while taking a holistic approach to the design of new rules also pays off.

In addition to customer sessions, we were able to share insights into our Infogix vision and roadmap. From best practices around data governance to technical sessions, we shared the benefits of performing data quality checks on streaming data, applying machine learning to data quality, and creating impactful visualizations of data quality metrics.  We topped this off with a review of some exciting new features to be added to the Data360 platform. Finally, we presented customer awards to recognize several customer-partners across the Infogix customer base.

As you can see, we had an action-packed six-day conference with a wide range of in-depth exchange of ideas and best practices.

Thanks, and see you next year!

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ICON On-Demand Recordings