How Infogix Data3Sixty® Supports Your Big Data Quality, Data Governance and GDPR Strategy

Infogix Data3Sixty is a data management software platform that provides a host of big data quality, data governance, and analytics capabilities that work in concert to enable better control over data and solve business impacting problems like the ones identified below:

Big Data Quality

Big data assets continue to remain unused because businesses lack confidence in the quality of that data. Infogix provides a big data quality solution that bridges the gap between the ingestion and the consumption of big data. Our solution will validate every piece of data in any data lake or big data repository; seamlessly integrate the data-to-insights process and empower every user to operationalize the insights generated from analyzing big data. With simple drag and drop functionality, Infogix offers intuitive features that allow users to easily prepare data, pinpoint data issues, conduct multi-dimensional big data quality checks, perform in-depth analysis and put the results to work immediately. Designed specifically to process high volumes of data on big data platforms like Hadoop, our solution gives you confidence in your big data quality and in every business decision driven by your data. To learn more about the key benefits of partnering with Infogix to solve your big data quality initiative, click here.

Data Governance

Data can often be a company’s most valuable commodity, but without proper  data governance, that value can quickly depreciate. Infogix provides a strong data governance framework that enables organizations to maximize the value of their data assets and avert the regulatory risks that arise from a poorly defined strategy. The single platform’s broad business glossary and lineage capabilities combine and codify the specifics of your information assets, clearly defining and detailing aspects such as metadata, policies, ownership, and quality scores. With integrated data validations, trust in the accuracy of your data assets becomes much easier. And by leveraging analytics, you can gain quicker visibility into anomalous behavior in data patterns, which enables efficient enforcement of data governance objectives. Our solution builds collaboration and consensus among stakeholders and business users across the enterprise through easy-to-understand visualizations and easy-to-navigate workflow management, providing new levels of data transparency and understanding. To learn more about Infogix Data3Sixty, and the steps needed to implement a data governance solution, click here.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect May 25, 2018, and represents a ground-breaking effort by the European Union (EU) to intensify personal data protection. In an era of growing big data environments and the global economy, the daily processing and transfer of massive amounts of personal data often knows no borders. This makes GDPR compliance not just an issue for EU organizations; companies worldwide need to move quickly to implement a comprehensive GDPR compliance strategy across their enterprise. To learn more about the key benefits of partnering with Infogix to solve your GDPR compliance initiatives, click here.

Infogix provides companies with a broad range of compliance measures, from assuring data accuracy and completeness, to governance around personal data documentation, identification, tracking, and usage approval. Infogix enables collaborative workflows and accountability across the organization. Our solution provides enterprise-wide control and visibility into personal data processing risk areas, identifies where proper oversight may be lacking, and utilizes machine learning to account for hidden personal data—before it impacts your bottom line.