Infogix Breaks Ground in Data Governance Market with Data360 Acquisition

Learn how integrating data controls with data governance will benefit your organization

Emily WashingtonFebruary 16, 2017

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Infogix recently announced its completed acquisition of Data360, the leading cloud-based data governance provider. The acquisition of Data360 equips Infogix customers with a full complement of end-to-end data governance, data integrity and analytics solutions.

The struggle to rein in data for regulatory, privacy, and governance policies requires a metadata approach to keep track of enterprise and 3rd party data in order to adequately understand data definitions, quality metrics, data owners, and the like. Data governance needs to be dynamic — continuously crawling data for changes to sufficiently govern it from a multitude of sources, as well as track its lineage as it flows through dozens of business functions.

The new offering will be branded Infogix Data360™ and will derive additional value from Infogix’s 35 years in data integrity. By leveraging Infogix controls with Data360’s governance capabilities, organizations will achieve 100% assurance that critical data is being monitored and tracked for accuracy, as well as big picture governance.

But before we get into some of the additional benefits that this acquisition will provide organizations, let’s quickly explore what Data360 does.

What is Data360?

Data360 provides a business-oriented, collaborative data governance platform that combines a business centric tool with a technical footprint to extract metadata. This ensures that stakeholders know what data is available, metrics on the quality of the data, as well as attributes such as data dictionaries and data owners.  Data360’s unique approach to data governance enables organizations to efficiently share knowledge, resolve ambiguity, and build trust around data with the goal of reducing the amount of time (up to 33%) users spend hunting for data that is pertinent to solving specific business problems

Data360 accelerates the deployment and evolving requirements of data governance with a cloud-based delivery method which empowers data governance teams by providing the agility needed to navigate the most complex data challenges quickly and easily, while adding significant business value.

With a low level of internal IT dependencies, Data360 can provide ‘day 1’ value to an organization by automatically connecting to value-add content sources and making that information immediately available to end-users.  

Benefits to Infogix Customers

The acquisition of Data360 will help organizations achieve improved transparency into their data, in most cases turning to governance and business driven solutions to gain knowledge, value and visibility. Infogix Data360™ will help organizations by taking a business centric approach to defining data, assignment of roles and responsibilities, lineage, impacts and usage around a company’s most important data.

By combining Infogix data integrity controls’ metadata and result information with other data across the enterprise, organizations will have visibility into the meaning and ownership of available data. In addition, they’ll be able to monitor transactional data for quality as it moves through these sources and the impact of issues within the context of governance policies.

Ultimately, organizations will now have a holistic view from a business, regulatory, data protection, privacy, policy and contractual perspective. This results in information that is more organized, easy to interact with, and allows business users to gain visibility and ownership of their data through data governance.

By combining both business and technical worlds into a comprehensive solution, Infogix Data360™ provides a complete 360 degree view on how data is defined, sourced and stored. Automated data harvesting capabilities provide integration with third-party data sources and platforms, while continuous monitoring and synchronization ensures integrity of metadata across systems. This provides more effective transparency into how data is sourced, validated and used across such systems as market data services, master data platforms, analytical platforms and data warehouses.

To learn more about the Data360 acquisition and how Infogix customers will benefit, check out the press release here.

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