Infogix Acquisition Extends Precisely’s Leadership in Data Integrity

InfogixSeptember 9, 2021

Earlier this year, we announced the exciting news that Precisely had acquired Infogix. As the world’s leader in data integrity, Precisely helps companies to build and maintain trust in their data, enabling them to move forward with digital transformation initiatives confidently. By maximizing accuracy, consistency, and context in their data, enterprises can deliver superior data-driven insights to decision-makers and achieve powerful competitive advantage.

The Infogix portfolio of products and services is a perfect complement to Precisely’s existing offerings. With this acquisition, Precisely’s customers have access to industry-leading Data Governance, Data Catalog and Strategic Data Services, while Infogix customers can achieve even higher levels of data integrity with the world’s best data integration tools, location intelligence, and data enrichment. In addition, they will gain access to powerful data quality tools that extend the existing capabilities already delivered by Infogix.

Precisely & Infogix: A Win-Win Combination

By acquiring Infogix, Precisely has extended its leadership in data integrity software. Infogix brings highly complementary data quality capabilities that help ensure customers’ business decisions are made with the right data at the right time and with the right context.

Infogix customers will now have access to a suite of products and services that deliver holistic data integrity and help transform corporate data into tangible, meaningful business results. Precisely’s vision of data integrity is built around complete, consistent, accurate data and a rich contextual understanding of the information it contains. Precisely enables enterprises to achieve superior capabilities in the pillars of data integrity:

  • Integration: It is impossible to develop a completely realistic picture when the information throughout your enterprise is disjointed and disconnected. Unfortunately, in many organizations data is restricted to silos, separate systems that lack the capability to easily share timely information effectively. Precisely offers powerful enterprise-grade integration capabilities that allow for flexible and efficient deployment, increasing business agility while breaking down information silos.
  • Data Quality: The challenges of poor data quality become increasingly problematic as organizations adopt AI and machine learning and place heavier emphasis on analytics. Trusted data is essential for success. As Precisely’s CTO Tendü Yoğurtçu has pointed out, “Poor data quality is especially problematic at scale, magnifying initially benign data issues and creating poor business insights.” Infogix and Precisely bring highly complementary data quality products and services together in a combination that will provide even greater overall value for our customers.
  • Location Intelligence: Location Intelligence (LI) helps companies use geospatial data to reduce risk, better understand customer behavior, and increase efficiencies. Virtually every data point in the world can be associated with location in one way or another. Organizations embarking on digital transformation initiatives, in particular, can vastly increase the value produced by those efforts by incorporating Location Intelligence into their overall data strategy. This can be as simple as standardizing address information across multiple customer databases so that data can be understood and analyzed within a common context, or it can add rich geospatial context to your existing information. By better understanding boundaries, movement, and the environment surrounding the customer, vendor, store location, or other entity, you can gain substantially deeper insights that drive superior business decisions.
  • Data Enrichment: Data should not merely tell the truth; it should tell “the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Context is critical. While some companies make the mistake of equating data integrity with data quality, Precisely adds the critical dimension of context, ensuring that enterprises can see the whole picture. Data enrichment provides the foundation for that; it enables a holistic view of your data, which in turn translates to more accurate and meaningful insights for your business.

By delivering on all four pillars of data integrity, Precisely enables companies to achieve superior results with their data.

Infogix: Data Governance, Data Quality, and More

The volume and velocity of data enterprises collect, produce, and store has grown exponentially. At the same time, data has become increasingly democratized in most organizations. That empowers people throughout all levels of the company, but it also raises concerns about access and control, among other things. As a result of these trends, data governance has become more important than ever before.

Business leaders must concern themselves with an ever-increasing array of privacy and security regulations, data sovereignty requirements, and the need to safeguard confidential business information. But data governance is not just about protecting companies against risk; it’s also about ensuring that data can be used to maximum effect, producing meaningful business value for the organization.

Cloud computing is playing a more expansive role than ever before, empowering users throughout the enterprise to make critical business decisions using data and analytics. Infogix’s suite of SaaS capabilities supporting governance and data quality helps to accelerate those important business decisions and ensure they are made with highly trusted data.

Infogix also offers pre-packaged, self-service tools that enable business users to get value from their data faster and more easily than ever before. The Infogix Strategic Services team has successfully helped more than 200 organizations develop and execute strategies to leverage data assets more effectively, propelling their businesses forward with velocity. These strategic service engagements will help Precisely scale to meet customer demand for its products, including the Precisely Data Integrity Suite.

The combination of Precisely and Infogix is a win-win all around. Our customers can achieve higher levels of data integrity built around integration, data quality, location intelligence and data enrichment. In addition, they will have access to powerful data governance capabilities and a Strategic Services team to help them achieve even higher levels of success.

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