Serving Data Intensive Industries for More Than 35 Years

Infogix Data3Sixty™ is a data management software platform that provides a host of data quality, governance, and analytics capabilities that work in concert to enable better control over data and solve business impacting problems such as big data quality, data governance and GDPR.

Infogix provides best-in-class solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations and allow you to manage highly complex, data intensive business environments such as these:

Financial Services

Real-time access to enormous amounts of data is the key to compliance and business growth for companies in financial services. Gaining visibility into your business operations–using automated, independent data analysis that keep your data accurate–allows you to make better business decisions downstream and, ultimately, apply predictive analytics to understand customer behavior.



No industry is going through as much dynamic change as the healthcare sector. Infogix® analyzes 100% of your data so Healthcare Payers can manage the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and turn reform into revenue.



Data is the lifeblood of the Property & Casualty and Life Insurance industry and your ability to use it increases your company’s flexibility. Infogix provides data analysis helping insurers around the globe manage risk, foster multi-channel interactions, and create a customer focused enterprise.


Media & Communications

Enterprises in the media and communications industry are in some of the most competitive markets in the world. Cable, satellite, telecom and cellular companies are in a constant quest to acquire and retain the best and most profitable customers. Infogix partners with global CSPs to ensure reliable data analysis, enabling them to maintain their competitive advantage.