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Is your data disorganized, inaccessible, or inaccurate?

Do users mistrust or misunderstand their data?

Does it take weeks to turn data into actionable intelligence?

Are IT resources overwhelmed and business users frustrated?


If you said yes to any of these, you need a solution that can streamline your data management strategy and optimize your data supply chain. Infogix delivers with Data360®, an all-inclusive data intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates data governance, end-to-end data quality, data catalog, smart glossary, automated metadata management and data analytics.

Data360 is a first-if-its kind, powerful enterprise data intelligence platform built to deliver business-ready data. Data360 gives data leaders powerful and intuitive capabilities to make data simple to find and understand, improve data trust with quality-backed data governance and deliver meaningful results by connecting data to business outcomes.


Data360 Delivers:

Data Governance

Data360’s enterprise data governance solution gives data leaders the confidence that critical data assets are trustworthy and correct. Data360 empowers governance teams to make faster decisions about how data should be used and managed by automating governance and stewardship tasks.  Integrated data quality accelerators and insights means business trust is maximized to run core processes, mitigate regulatory compliance risk and deliver business-critical insights.

Data Catalog and Smart Glossary

Data360’s Data Catalog and Smart Glossary provides an inventory of enterprise data assets that allow data leaders to search, collaborate and understand data relationships.  By connecting enterprise data assets to business impacts and dependencies, these capabilities improve the productivity, accuracy and understanding of available data to empower data consumers and extract maximum business value.

Data Quality

With intelligent data quality and advanced automation, data leaders are able to validate information at scale across complex data environments, monitor and resolve data inaccuracies and leverage intuitive workflows to ensure enterprise data is ready for business use. Data360 leverages prepacked data quality libraries and dashboards to generate insights into data profiling, completeness, consistency, timeliness, reconciliation/ balancing, value conformity and more.

Self-Service Data Analytics 

Data360’s enterprise self-service data analytics engine improves productivity and dramatically lowers overall data preparation effort by giving data leaders the ability to rapidly build data-rich, complex applications. It puts the power of advanced analytics in the hands of everyday users, allowing them to access virtually any data source and easily acquire and cleanse that data in a fraction of the time.

Automated Metadata Management

Metadata management is a critical component of Data360, allowing data leaders to quickly crawl, profile, score and manage complex metadata for their most valuable data assets. You’ll see below that Infogix was positioned as a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions in 2019.

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