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Is your data disorganized, inaccessible, or inaccurate?

Do users mistrust or misunderstand their data?

Does it take weeks to turn data into actionable intelligence?

Are IT resources overwhelmed and business users frustrated?


If you said yes to any of these, you need a solution that can streamline your data management strategy and optimize your data supply chain. Infogix delivers with Data3Sixty®, an all-inclusive data intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates data governance, data quality, and data analytics.

Data3Sixty is a first-if-its kind, integrated solution designed for business, as well as IT users, giving both the power to trust their data, and the ability to quickly and easily turn that data into meaningful business insights.

Data3Sixty Delivers:

Data Governance

Data3Sixty provides enterprise-level data organization and understanding, which helps business users know where data comes from, what it means, who owns it, and if they can trust it.

Data Catalog

Allows users to search, explore, and easily access existing data, with automation that eliminates heavy lifting while connecting technical data asset information with business terms and context.

Data Quality

Far beyond typical quality tools, Data3Sixty delivers basic measures such as completeness, conformance and validity, while also delivering a variety of advanced quality checks.

Self-Service Data

Speed to insights matters. Data3Sixty’s intuitive drag and drop interface allows users to access virtually any data source and easily acquire and parse that data in a fraction of the time.

Data Analytics

Data3Sixty unlocks the business value of data by using statistical, predictive and machine learning techniques to discover insights and make predictions and recommendations.

Metadata Management

Metadata management is another critical component of our solution, playing an important role in both governance and analytics. To learn more about Data3Sixty and how metadata contributes to a successful data strategy, please access our newsletter featuring the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions below.

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