Don’t Focus on Risk Associated with Growth, Focus on its Success

Amber PiferNovember 14, 2017

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Having been with Infogix for more than 8 years, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing some amazing developments within our organization, resulting in positive growth for our customers and, in turn, their customers.

More than 35 years ago, Infogix’s sole purpose was to ensure the integrity of data processed on the mainframe. The IBM 360 was the super computer that everyone relied upon, making its first debut in 1964. During the following years, a single product, or two, was all that was necessary to help customers reconcile data and address future mandates such as SOX compliance.  However, as with all things in life, technology began to evolve, and Infogix knew it had to evolve with it.

Suddenly, organizations were utilizing a new way of processing and storing data. In the mid-1980s, there was the introduction of mid-range technology, followed by the desire to run on distributed platforms.  Like a teenager needing a new wardrobe after a summer growth spurt, Infogix needed to expand with these trends. Infogix added to its product portfolio, offering even more robust data integrity capabilities, but now for a broader range of technologies Customers not only had the dependable reconciliation capabilities for the mainframe, but the ability to execute more complex validations in a distributed environment, as well.  Cross-platform balancing from a single solution was quite unique at the time.  Customers now had the ability to track the timeliness of unique data, check the reasonability of data, and incorporate other data quality-like checks (such as conformance) on data.  This expanded solution increased ROI by allowing for more beneficial validations, and validations beyond the mainframe.    Throw in some visualization components such as a real-time continuous controls monitoring, dashboarding and other value-add capabilities, and Infogix was aligning well with not only the IT world, but to customer needs as well. Customers not only cared about making sure data was accurate, consistent, and reliable, but they wanted real-time visibility and insights into the results.  They also wanted expanded ad-hoc report capabilities, which was valuable input into our roadmap.

Now, 35 years later, Infogix has taken yet another step toward the ever-changing stairway of IT trends.  With the increasing ability to capture what seems like infinite amounts of data and the need to process and store this information to make business-impacting decisions, Infogix has increased its capability to run limitless concurrent tasks to provide its customers much of the same information as before, but at lightening speeds. Infogix has pivoted again to take on the computing environments of big data to ensure customers are processing data faster, smoother, and with a cleaner and clearer user interface.

By providing a single platform that offers a plethora of features, a customer can streamline its IT product portfolio and address tool redundancy. The advanced Infogix platform now places greater power in the hands of the business. This has been accomplished by improving the UX and interface for data prep and ingestion activities, as well as with drag and drop capabilities.  Couple that with data validation capabilities for any platform, machine learning, work flow, data governance, and dynamic visualization, and one has a near complete data strategy solution.

Infogix has embraced its 35 year journey by reminding itself that the only constant in the world is change.  As technology changed, though sometimes it felt like uncharted territory, Infogix grew with it.  We did this to ensure that customers would continue to have the data solutions necessary to run critical operations year after year.  The only way, though, that this growth will be successful is if organizations embrace this change as well.  Like using a ruler between two reports to reconcile figures, certain trends need to mature over time.  Certain technologies may not be going away, but newer technologies have brought advanced capabilities to the table, and customers should focus not on the ambiguity that comes with this alteration, but on the progress that comes from utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Although MacGyver may disagree, the right tool should always be used for the right job.  Jerry rigging will only work for so long, and eventually you may be faced with technology incompatibilities, performance degradation, etc. from not using the appropriate solution for the task at hand.  So instead of focusing on the risk associated with change, focus on the value of partnering with data pioneers who plow the way for faster processing, greater data analysis, and an improved end-user experience.

To learn more about the Data3Sixty platform, check out the data sheet below.

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