Data management is a moving target. Yet, despite the challenges, there is one constant—the critical need for consistent, complete and accurate data. As a pioneer in data quality for nearly four decades, we continue to develop innovative solutions to ensure you can depend on your data to drive business success. From typical rules to advanced automation and sophisticated analytics, we deliver the power to trust.

Data Quality Re-Imagined

Data today is forever in motion, and within and across organizations its integrity is always at risk. Enter Data3Sixty® DQ+, which merges sophisticated data validation capabilities with self-service simplicity to enable users of any skillset to quickly and easily apply powerful checks to data sets. These include data profiling, completeness, consistency, timeliness, reconciliation/balancing, and value conformity.

In addition, we partner with our customers to support evolving data quality needs. Through these partnerships, we’ve redefined data quality processing to scale at any volume, in any format, leveraging machine learning to detect quality issues based on specified rules or dynamically based on historical trends.

Sophisticated data validation capabilities and self-service simplicity.

Confidently Prepare Analytical Insights

Data quality is essential to data preparation. So is our comprehensive approach to ongoing monitoring. This means that at square one, your data pros should already know the quality levels of data sets extracted for analysis.

Native Functions

Native functions allow you to profile, aggregate, correlate and transform your data. Technical and non-technical users can collaboratively leverage knowledge of systems and data to discover new relationships and validate assumptions, saving time and cost in delivering the right data the first time and every time.

Data Governance

Data governance enables all consumers to know what data is available, what it means and if they can trust it. Data3Sixty marries metadata with transactional data quality scores, exceptions, and trends to not only inform users of the quality levels of specific data sets but allow organizations to standardize enterprise-wide data quality, assign ownership and responsibility to quality, quantify security risks and assist with data monetization.

Machine Learning

By leveraging machine learning, Data3Sixty monitors and improves data quality across data environments. It self-learns as irregularities are identified and resolved, building trust and utilization. As data quality increases, overall asset utilization increases, producing more valuable insights and generating better outcomes, all directly improving the bottom line.

Delivering the right data, the first time and every time.

Data Quality Benefits

  • Embedded Machine Learning
  • Standardized, Commonly Used Checks
  • Timeliness Monitoring
  • Enhanced Exception Handling and Intuitive Workflows
  • Point to Point Reconciliations
  • Enterprise-level Quality Assessment
  • Duplicate/Orphan Detection
  • Data Quality Scoring and Trending

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