Data Governance

Data-Driven Growth Within Reach

Managing data responsibility is no easy task. Making the most of the data available to your organization requires a data governance solution that prioritizes data quality. Discover the quality, value, and trustworthiness of your data sets with Data360 Govern, an enterprise data governance, catalog, and metadata management solution.

Trustworthy Data Governance

Establish rules of the road to be confident that your data is accurate and trustworthy. Automating governance and stewardship tasks lets businesses make faster decisions on data usage and management. Expedite answers to fundamental questions about your data’s source, use, meaning, ownership and quality so users can get the answers they need.

Objectives & Value:

Connect governance efforts and data value to business objectives, goals, and metrics

Business Process Integrity:

Ensure business process integrity by connecting critical data assets to end-to-end business processes

Policy & Rules Management:

Leverage pre-packaged accelerators to connect data to important policies and rules

User Collaboration & Crowdsource:

Make faster decisions with automated workflows, and build a data-driven culture by easily sourcing knowledge from team members

Build accountability and collaboration across your entire organization

Unparalleled Value and Insights

Know with confidence what measured data provides the most value for each business goal. This transparency into your organization’s data landscape gives you the power to trust that data sets in your catalog are accurate and aligned with business outcomes. Data360 Govern is the only end-to-end solution that empowers data consumers across the enterprise to leverage data to drive meaningful business objectives.

Data Scoring:

Measure how data can be used to predict business results against a goal or objective in real-time.

Dashboards & Reporting:

Gain personalized insights about your curated or transactional data with personalized dashboards that visually connect data to outcomes.

Business Data Insights:

Get real-time insights into how data is being used to support business processes, compliance events, reports, and metrics.

Integrated Data Quality:

Ensure data trust by profiling, improving, and monitoring the quality of both metadata and transactional data.

Map technical data to achieve compliance, operate efficiently and mitigate risk

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