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Who Has it and Who Needs it?

IT has the data. Businesses wants and needs it. Both settled, and now data is provided through an ineffective waterfall approach. No more! Data3Sixty® Analyze gives you the fastest way to provide data and achieve valuable insights without compromise. Through its browser-based architecture, it rapidly builds data-rich and analytically complex applications that will improve productivity and lower overall costs. To learn more, check out the video below.

Fly From Acquisition to Analysis

Through its intuitive drag and drop interface, Data3Sixty allows you to access virtually any data source—from legacy systems to NoSQL platforms—and easily acquire and parse that data in a fraction of the time. All users can visually collaborate as they extract, prepare, and analyze data from unrelated sources and create a comprehensive source for analysis without incurring the infrastructure costs and time required by traditional warehouses and ETL.

Easily access, acquire, prepare, and analyze data lightning fast.

Collaborative Preparation

Data3Sixty automates data blending and cleansing, as native functions allow users to profile, aggregate, correlate and transform selected data. The solution also features collaborative feedback loops between IT and business users to promote cooperation, fast communication, and ensure that changes don’t derail the entire analysis process.

Collaborative feedback loops promote cooperation and fast communication.

Powerful Analytics

Our self-service analytics solution puts the power of advanced analytics in the hands of everyday users, and provides a unified toolset for preparing data, creating models for any business process. We offer prepackaged sets of popular statistical and predictive routines that can eliminate the need for programming, and drastically reduce the time to insights.

Self-service analytics puts the power in the hands of users.

Analyze Data Prep & Analytics Benefits

  • Visual Data Inspection and Lineage
  • Big Data Platform Integration
  • Flexible Data Publish Options
  • In-Depth Blending & Fuzzy Matching
  • Object-Oriented Library Sharing Model
  • Interfaces to R and Python Analytical Models
  • Metadata Analysis & Manipulation

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