It’s time to make your data work for you, not against you. Successful businesses are turning data into doing by converting raw data into actionable, business-ready insights across the enterprise. With automated capabilities across data governance, data analytics and data quality, Infogix Data360 empowers business and technical users to extract value from data like never before.

The fusion of critical data management tools

Data Governance

Data governance should deliver data quality, trust and value. Data360 Govern is the only solution on the market that delivers all three in a smart and intuitive solution. With capabilities like a machine-learning enabled data catalog, smart business glossary, business-impact lineage and intelligent data quality, Data360 Govern makes it easy to identify the trusted data that matters most for your business.

Quality-powered data governance

Intelligent Data Quality

Relying on trustworthy data across your entire data supply chain is no longer optional. Enter Data360 DQ+, the only data quality solution that is operationally intelligent at scale. Leverage features like automated data quality checks, data reconciliation and metadata documentation as data moves across your enterprise. Data360 DQ+ ensures accuracy and consistency at every touchpoint, delivering trusted data that can be easily understood, measured and used throughout its entire journey.

Use our competitive advantage in order to achieve yours

Data Analytics

Spend less time preparing reports and more time taking action with visualizations that are easily shared across your organization. Data360 Analyze, our lightning-fast data analysis solution redefines speed to insights by acquiring, blending, cleansing and parsing high volumes of data up to 10 times faster than any other product. Incredibly nimble and browser-based, Data360 accelerates your ability to uncover new insights.

Up to 10 times faster speed to insights

Get Insights

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