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Michelle GenserJanuary 8, 2019

Naperville, Ill. – January 8, 2019 – Infogix, a leading provider of data management tools, has further enhanced its industry-leading data intelligence platform, Data360. The all-inclusive solution seamlessly integrates Infogix’s trusted data governance, metadata management, data quality, data prep and analytics capabilities into a single platform. The result is a first of its kind, integrated platform that provides simple, self-service support for business users, enabling organizations to restore enterprise-wide trust in data.

Throughout the past two years Infogix has strategically assimilated leading, yet disparate, technologies and capabilities, working to integrate them into a single platform that increases compliance, operational efficiency, collaboration, and data understanding across entire organizations. The result is Data360, a flexible data intelligence platform that allows business users to manage and leverage data with intuitive interfaces, built-in workflows and customizable dashboards. With the rapid growth in data movement from various sources and varying file formats, Data360 delivers the breadth and depth of capabilities to help business users manage mission-critical data.

“We learned firsthand how businesses were struggling to navigate the challenges of a data-driven culture. Organizations were piecing together various tools to manage an entire data supply chain,” said Emily Washington, senior vice president of product management at Infogix. “Isolated systems are painstakingly difficult to manage and lead to operational inefficiencies, poor data quality and additional costs, among a wide range of other business problems.”

According to Washington, successfully managing a business’s data supply chain includes discovering and analyzing where data comes from, how data flows through an organization and how data is transformed and consumed. “This sequence of steps—transformation of raw data to insights—are critical to ensuring data users can trust their analytical insights because often, when data is altered, if not managed properly, it can degrade becoming data that cannot be trusted, affecting all users.” By monitoring for potential quality and compliance issues, Data360 not only tracks data source and lineage, but also keeps the data supply chain healthy, ensuring the value of data assets and validity of analytical insights. The platform automates long, complex, and often manual processes to create easily digestible, trustworthy data and speed to insights.

Data360 is a single, all-in-one platform that simplifies and speeds the process of turning raw data into actionable insights through integrated capabilities that delivers to business users a consistent view of real-time data across the enterprise, including:

  • Data360™ Govern: Provides enterprise-level data organization and understanding. Within the data intelligence platform, Govern ensures users know exactly where data comes from, what it means, who owns it, whether it can be trusted and how to use it—by building accountability, trust and collaboration across the entire organization. Infogix has invested heavily in workflow capabilities to enable users to more effectively assign ownership and manage tasks involved with implementing a governance program.
  • Data360™ DQ+: A proven enterprise data quality tool for big data that integrates and implements data profiling, completeness, consistency, timeliness, reconciliation, balancing, and value conformity across the entire data supply chain to ensure enterprise-wide data quality. Recently added capabilities include a built-in, reusable data quality rules library with more than 100 predefined rules and an open API feature enabling businesses to integrate various quality results within the data governance process. By merging sophisticated data validation capabilities with self-service simplicity, data users of any skill set can quickly and easily apply powerful checks to data sets.
  • Data360™ Analyze: An intuitive drag and drop interface allows users to access virtually any data source and easily access, prepare and analyze data lightning fast—eliminating the infrastructure costs and time required by traditional warehouses and ETL. Users are leveraging this flexible framework to easily ingest, transform, publish and promote metadata to Govern in support of data governance programs. This allows for a single solution to manage the breadth of transactional, reference, operational and metadata in a self-service model – further reducing dependency on multiple tools.

Additionally, as a result of the recent DATUM acquisition, Infogix is integrating the Information Value Management framework and customer support model to further strengthen partnerships with our customers. Through a combination of integrated product capabilities, support, services and user community, Infogix is expanding its support community to help businesses adapt as data management programs evolve. The support community helps businesses adapt as data governance capabilities mature, allowing users to discuss Data360, ask questions, request feedback, and includes a voting feature for new enhancements. Infogix consulting services and the support community are an ongoing extension of an organization’s data management team and will continue to grow to support the end-user base.

“Moving away from separate tools for different data management tasks is key to helping clients gain a competitive advantage in today’s modern data environment,” said Tim Segall, chief technology officer at Infogix. “By integrating data management technologies into one self-service platform, businesses can easily aggregate and transform data sources on a large scale, run multiple data flows in parallel, ingest multiple data sources at once and quickly generate usable insights.”

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