Data360® Analyze on AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

Enabling Simple Self-Service Analytics in the Cloud

Michelle GenserOctober 2, 2019

Naperville, Ill. – October 2, 2019 – Infogix, a leading provider of data management tools, today extended its Data360 Analyze platform onto AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure to improve business productivity and lower overall costs.

Businesses are migrating their data to public cloud platforms offering users more flexible data storage solutions for advanced analytics. However, businesses still require self-service tools to translate raw data into actionable insights. Data360 Analyze provides businesses with a simple way to get started with data analytics and machine learning projects by enabling users to create graphical data flows to acquire, prepare, analyze, publish, leverage and repurpose data.

“Data360 Analyze delivers a streamlined approach to data management, enabling data engineers, data scientists and data analysts from across the enterprise to visually collaborate as they extract, prepare and analyze data from unrelated sources,” said Andy Kelly, vice president of technology operations at Infogix. “Unlike many competitors, Data360 Analyze offers a fully browser-based interface with no need to download and install software for individual users on multiple devices, providing a powerful, secure, easy-to-use web application that is scalable to any organization.”

Organizations can now download a pre-configured VM containing Data360 Analyze into their chosen cloud provider and access the product from any supported web browser. Available through a flexible buying process, Data360 Analyze in the cloud offers a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model for organizations who have already purchased rights to Data360 Analyze or a pay-per-use model where users are automatically billed by the cloud provider and only pay for what they use.

“Data360 Analyze has set itself apart by focusing on the business user. The platform easily scales to meet expanding business needs by solving several business problems like cross-departmental collaboration and minimizing unnecessary costs,” said Kelly. “The platform’s availability in popular cloud environments allow large enterprises to consolidate their data and simplify data analysis for users.”

Data360 Analyze is a high-performance, comprehensive data preparation and analysis platform that helps business users self-service their data preparation, data blending and advanced analytics needs, while realizing the benefits of the cloud. The integrated solution empowers business users to rapidly build data-rich, analytically complex applications to drastically improve business outcomes.

Download Data360 Analyze for AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.

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