Data Analysis Platform on the Cloud

Security, performance and scalability

The Infogix Data3Sixty™ platform is available on the cloud, providing you with the security, performance and scalability advantages of a top tier cloud offering. Customers can realize the significant benefits of a SaaS offering by reducing burden of maintenance on IT and freeing resources that are dedicated to operating Infogix products.

We work with many of the most data intensive industries to deliver a SaaS offering that outperforms the standards of even the most demanding customers.

Whether you are adopting the cloud because of the speed to deployment or migrating to the cloud as a cost effective option to expand usage and capabilities, Infogix can help your organization benefit in numerous ways.


  • Built to comply with the latest enterprise security and industry certifications
  • Secure customer deployments ensure data is protected within the virtual private cloud
  • Secure encryption during transmission and storage of data
  • User authentication controls protect against unauthorized access to your data


  • High availability and dependable performance reduces risks associated with unreliable infrastructure
  • System backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity procedures provide stability in the offering


  • Scale to meet the demands of your business and quickly adapt to unforeseen changes that occur as new projects and industry regulations are updated
  • Quickly react to increased processing or storage requirements

Services range from up-front assessment through implementation and support to ensure a successful cloud experience.




Through these offerings we provide the flexibility to give you the freedom to explore and choose the best option based on your speed of deployment requirements and IT staff resource loading.

Cloud Benefits

Many of our customers, report a range of benefits some of which include:

  • Faster deployment by eliminating hardware procurement and commissioning
  • Infogix managed upgrades to experience maximum uptime, reliability, and performance
  • Access to the latest feature, function, and usability enhancements
  • Reduce required IT staff by focusing on impactful priorities, rather than time consuming implementation, maintenance, and upgrade cycles.
  • Quickly scale volume and capabilities as your business grows
  • Accelerated deployment to meet the most demanding deadlines
  • Business continuity with built in disaster recovery capabilities built into SaaS functionality