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Choosing the solution that Automates Core Processes for Integrity Controls


9 Steps to Solving the Question: To Build or to Buy



Automating Data Integrity is no Longer the Traditional Build vs. Buy



To Build or Not To Build… That is the Question


The Need for Automated Data Integrity Controls

An automated data integrity controls solution helps an organization reduce cost, mitigate risks such as fraud and revenue leakage, and streamline compliance efforts by providing a complete audit trail of the control activity.

Read 9 steps to solving the question: To Build or to Buy.

A number of recent market trends like the exponential increase in transaction volume (big data), adoption of real-time distributed systems and compliance requirements, like those affecting healthcare and the financial services industries, are forcing organizations to automate their internal controls environments.

When it comes to end-to-end data accuracy, not to mention valuable reporting and dashboard tools, building your own software to monitor data integrity could become a disaster Do it Yourself (DIY) project all its own. Just because IT departments may have the capabilities to build automated controls, does not mean they should. Most companies underestimate the amount of resource requirements needed for developing controls in house, not to mention the challenging factors like compatibility of customizations along with supporting new technology platforms.

The True Value of Infogix

Combined with 30 years of controls experience, Infogix® understands that building an automated controls framework is expensive to develop, maintain, and improve upon. With a configurable controls solution, it is possible to buy a customizable industry-specific solution built on best practices for your chosen operations, all while allowing for future expansion and continuous growth.

Leading organizations that use Infogix controls achieved up to 80% cost savings compared to internal development options.

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