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Infogix Company Backgrounder

Infogix history was founded on delivering accurate, consistent and reliable data and its software offerings have evolved during the past 35 years to create innovative offerings beginning in mainframe, extending into distributed computing, and now transforming new capabilities into the global world of big data.

Market circumstances have changed in the last few years and Infogix has expanded its offering to solve broader challenges that span what we call the data supply chain. Our software platform, which we call Infogix Data3Sixty®, spans the data supply chain by sitting in-between data producers (sources of data) and consumers of data (users utilizing data to make better decisions) to provide a much needed layer in the management and exchange of data. We refer to this as the Enterprise Data Exchange (EDX).

With the exponential increase in volume, variety, and velocity of data, a platform approach scales to analyze, validate, and govern an ever growing array of data sources to accomplish what organizations struggle with—providing quality data with business oriented content.
We do this through analytics-enabled data quality, coupled with data governance, to unlock the value of data by the business side which is the ultimate consumer of data who wish to turn raw data into meaningful insights to steer the business to greater revenues and competitive advantage.

The goal is to make data more accessible while providing confidence that the data being used for analytics is reliable. If the underlying data and the processes by which the data is touched, managed, and enriched are not addressed, you may just create a mechanism for driving flawed decisions at a faster rate.

We are proud of serving customers in data intensive industries with our average customer staying with us for more than 15 years—an eternity compared to many software companies.

Let’s share how our journey began.

Infogix was founded in 1982 as Unitech Systems, Inc.® in Naperville, Illinois, as a leading provider of information integrity software and solutions.

By the early 2000s, the company began extending their offerings and launching software solutions to organizations that helped eliminate information risk, and detect and resolve information errors before they affected their business or customers.

Unitech Systems collected and analyzed data long before the term “big data” existed, but with its boom in 2006, Unitech Systems became Infogix, Inc.®, bringing together information and logic to enable organizations to maintain Information Integrity®. Infogix offered customers an expanded portfolio of products and services that harnessed the power of rule-based logic to manage and mitigate the risk of errors in information and information exchanges within and across enterprises. The name change also came at a time when regulatory and compliance mandates were increasing, therefore leading to a focus on implementing enterprise risk management initiatives. These initiatives lead to deployment of more analysis across an enterprise.

In 2012, Infogix introduced its business operations management solution, which allowed personnel at any company to implement and help reduce risk to improve business decision-making. That same year, H.I.G. Capital recapitalized the business and in late 2013, Infogix acquired Agilis International, a provider of advanced analytics solutions.

In 2016, Thoma Bravo, LLC, a leading private equity investment firm, acquired Infogix from H.I.G. Capital. With the backing of Thoma Bravo, Infogix started an aggressive acquisition campaign, acquiring data governance leader Data3Sixty and a leading data strategy consultancy Data Clairvoyance Group in 2017. In early 2018, Infogix continued down its acquisitive path and acquired Lavastorm, a leading data preparation and advanced analytics company.

Following both 2017 acquisitions, Infogix integrated their data quality, data governance, and analytics capabilities into a single big data management platform known as Infogix Data3Sixty®. The all-inclusive, innovative platform comprises shared self-service capabilities such as visual data prep, interactive reporting, case management, and collaboration to enable both technical and business users to interact with data.

Stand-alone data quality, governance and analytics tools have been used to solve a wide variety of data challenges. However, turning raw data into meaningful business insights is a significantly more difficult challenge that requires an integrated tool to efficiently ingest, prepare and analyze data. Infogix Data3Sixty evaluates any intense data environment, using machine learning as an enabler of data quality, with a consistent governance process that spans the data supply chain to make data more valuable to users. The result is trustworthy data sets that are in an easy to digest format, allowing businesses to identify and extract relevant data in lightning speed. The platform also presents this information visually to help identify patterns and support analytical models. The self-service modules are designed to empower the business user and reduce the workload of IT specialists who are already in high demand.

Infogix Data3Sixty also offers a wide array of other benefits to customers, including accelerating time-to-insight, automating and streamlining data quality, tracking data lineage and simplifying data preparation. Also, the platform is an extremely scalable and flexible solution that gives complete control over end-to-end processes, and allows users to pinpoint data of interest. This not only saves time and money, but enables organizations to have confidence in the data they’re using.

With a customer renewal rate of nearly 100 percent, customers rely on Infogix for mitigating risk and conducting the data analysis necessary to drive a superior customer experience. Infogix’s top 10 customers have stayed with them for more than 20 years and 73 percent of their customers have been with them for 15 years or more.

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