6 Best Practices on Data Governance for Big Data Environments

Efforts to govern big data must corral a mix of structured and unstructured data. That's a challenge for most organizations. These six action items will help.

Michelle GenserFebruary 11, 2020

With the advent of big data and low cost storage, organizations are reaping the benefits of big data analytics including operational insights and competitive advantage. Yet this also means a greater responsibility when it comes to data governance.

“In a big data environment, it’s also important that data governance programs validate new data sources and ensure both data quality and data integrity. In addition, enterprises need to watch out for how data from different sources could be combined to create new combinations that violate privacy regulations.”

Based on those needs, here are six best practices for managing and improving data governance for big data environments. Check out sections two and three for specific information from Infogix’s Emily Washington, EVP of Product Management.