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Integrity is fundamental in data, just as in business. Infogix’s data integrity and data governance solutions, powered by advanced analytics and big data, ensure that organizations can maximize the value of their data. Data’s value is unlocked when users trust that data is accurate, are able to operationalize insights from raw data, and all stakeholders understand and agree on what data means.

Our Focus

Supporting Your Data Strategy

Big Data Quality

Improve analytical outcomes and big data adoption with high volume data profiling, data prep (enhanced with analytics), and cleansing to foster end user trust by certifying the quality of your big data


Define, analyze and collaborate on data assets with clearly articulated data definitions, quality, and lineage to capitalize on using the right data at the right time to make better business decisions


Identify and monitor personally identifiable data through data quality, analytics and data governance to provide auditable proof of verifiable processes that protect personal data and ensure compliance

Our Product Platform

Infogix Data3Sixty is a data management software platform that provides data quality, governance, and analytics capabilities that work in concert to enable better control over data and solve business impacting problems.


Ensure accuracy of information across the enterprise with best-in-class data quality capabilities, information can be validated from the time it enters the organization, and reconciled throughout complex operational processes, big data environments, to customer communications, financial and regulatory reports


Comprehensive business glossary and lineage capabilities synthesizes all the details about your organization’s information assets, including metadata, quality scores, associated policies, and ownership that enables easy-to-understand visualizations, workflow management, and most importantly, collaboration across the organization


Employ machine learning algorithms to high volumes of information, which can speak for itself and automatically detect anomalies and other insights based on historical patterns to detect and predict better results

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"Infogix controls helped us achieve transparency with continued risk management." Jaya Dhanger, Sr. Information Systems Director, Travelers

"Manually reconciling our financial data warehouse information required 8 employees and 2 full days of effort. The [Infogix] automated analysis makes it possible to complete our monthly reconciliation in only 30 minutes and do a new daily reconciliation in 5 minutes." Brandan Swallow, Dir of Finance Systems and Information Mgmt, RSA

"We are committed to achieving information integrity throughout our global business. We contacted Infogix when we realized that we want to more proactively detect and resolve information errors and validate the integrity of our information." Michael Thibault, Senior Director of Application Systems, TSYS

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