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Infogix allows you to leverage your business-ready data as an enterprise asset, improving processes and pushing the boundaries on progress and innovation. As a stand-alone or integrated solution, with data quality at our core, we help turn data into doing across the enterprise. By integrating advanced automation into data governance, data analytics and intelligent data quality, Infogix provides you with the business-ready data you need, when you need it.

Unlock the revolutionary power of your data.


Achieve valuable insights with our diverse end-to-end solutions. We’ve proven the value of data across industries to grow revenue, meet compliance and regulatory demands and improve operational effectiveness. By packaging best practices, capabilities and configurations, you realize proof of value at an accelerated pace.

Elevate data quality to accelerate decision making.


Maximize the value received from your data within the shortest possible time frame with Infogix Professional Services. From data strategy formulation and program initiation to data management implementation and training, our wide range of services will help you capitalize on opportunities and proactively leverage business-ready data as an enterprise asset.

Explore the platform that’s revolutionizing business through data.

Infogix helped us reduce time spent on security validations by 95%.

Kemper Insurance

Infogix Support does a great job providing professional customer service. They are dedicated to follow up and ensure a prompt resolution.

Crane Ltd

We were able to reduce time to market for new product introduction by more than 4 months.

Mars Wrigley

Infogix Support always goes the extra mile to help us find a solution!

Principal Life Insurance Group

Using Infogix, we are able to monitor $20 billion in daily electronic payments in under 5 minutes.


Infogix’s integrated solutions allowed us to identify and correct data issues and problems that positively impacted the company’s reputation and financials.



In our fourth decade as an industry pioneer, Infogix continues to provide large and mid-market companies around the globe with a broad range of integrated and configurable tools to leverage business-ready data as an enterprise asset. Our best-in-class customer retention rate is proof of our customer-centric focus as we partner together to thrive in today’s data-driven economy. Consider us an extension of your team.

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