Infogix Insight®

Infogix Insight® provides real-time access to monitor your result performance.

Advanced Module of the Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform.

Infogix Insight is your portal into the hundreds or thousands of Infogix Assure®, Infogix ACR®, or external analytical business rules that monitor your data. Infogix Insight provides the dashboards that roll up a series of business rules into logical groups to monitor the performance of a process. When a business rule detects an anomaly, you have instant visibility into the issue along with the ability to drill down into the details to view the root cause of the issue. In essence, Infogix Insight is your portal, for real-time monitoring and historical trending to see which business rules are creating exceptions that require immediate attention to maintain your goal of maximum data integrity. With process visualization capabilities, you can create context into the end-to-end data flow that is being monitored. Being able to view the business rules that monitor your data in an easy to use, customizable interface gives you the insight you need into the performance of your business processes.


Infogix Insight



Technical Specifications


Product Overview

  • Business Rules Monitoring – Create personalized views into the health of your data and aggregate them by your processes and hierarchies. View the execution details by drilling down into individual results. Create custom conditions and result status based on your defined criteria.
  • Customizable Interface – Display the data views that are the most important to you with an easy to use interface that displays results in the context of your business processes. Based on your organizational needs and responsibilities you can establish a user-based view.
  • Trending Analysis – Use the built-in or custom trending and graphing features to view result performance over time. Gain insight into how business rules are closing risk gaps while contributing to operational excellence.
  • Value Capture Metrics – Calculate the estimated savings each time an error is caught to prove ROI on applied business rules.
  • Internal Auditing and Compliance
  • Process Views – Visualize the downstream impact of business rules through end-to-end process views. Drag and drop nodes onto a blank canvas, attach your business rules and automatically activate your results in view mode. Set up a process hierarchy with secure views based upon user access.
  • Security – Set up user group and role based security that allows users access to only their unique data.

Use Infogix Insight for real-time monitoring of end-to-end analysis for trending data and obtaining detailed views of your ongoing operational processes.

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