Core Capabilities

The Enterprise Data Analysis Platform applies advanced analytics to improve your customer experience, drive corporate profitability and streamline operational efficiency. This process improves data quality, ensures effective transaction monitoring, provides balancing and reconciliation, identifies fraud and operationalizes predictive models.

Data Quality

Ensures the integrity of data by automatically monitoring data flow as it continuously moves throughout your enterprise.


Balancing & Reconciliation

Validate all enterprise information, instead of just sample sets and spot checks, consequently eliminating the need for manual balancing.


Transaction Monitoring

Monitor 100% of transactions and reduce manual tracking of data through disparate systems.


Identity Matching & Behavior Profiling

Discovering the true identity of your customer is the first step to protecting your business and growing your bottom line.


Predictive Models

Analytics quantifies customer and workflow behavior into meaningful data that realizes its true value when the results are embedded into an operational process to drive efficiency and ROI.


Advanced Modules of the
Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform

Infogix Advanced Modules combine with the platform to offer increased functionality, visibility, and options for our customers. Infogix Advanced Modules work together to provide actionable intelligence into your data analysis.

Infogix Insight®

Infogix Insight® provides the dashboards that roll up a series of business rules into logical groups to monitor the performance of a process.


Infogix ER®

Infogix ER® provides reconciliation and case management to streamline workflows.


Infogix Perceive®

Infogix Perceive® provides real-time enterprise data management and reporting.



PropensitySCORING® is your tool to accurately predict outcomes.