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Data Integrity Suite

Every organization has a process in place to ensure the accuracy of their data, but it’s usually not end-to-end, automated, and real-time. Infogix customers have experienced significant operational efficiencies in reducing semi-automated and manual process to streamline operations and gain what has been illusive – enterprise reporting, dashboards, and exception management.

Our customers have achieved significant efficiency and effectiveness gains in reducing risk and supporting regulatory compliance by implementing the Infogix Data Integrity Suite by detecting bad data as early as possible, when it’s less expensive to fix. This is done with a non-intrusive approach to interface with your existing systems and data formats by automating four data integrity processes.  We refer to it as Verifying, Balancing, Reconciling, and Tracking (VBRT). It sounds straightforward in principle, but organizations often find gaps in their current process where manual, semi-automated, or aging processes are compromising efforts to ensure data accuracy across a business process. Common culprits are patiently waiting for you to let down your guard, which introduce an avalanche of data quality problems into business operations. Learn the key features and core capabilities needed to ensure bad data does not propagate throughout your organization.

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Big Data Analytics Suite

Looking to extract insight from data, but tired of waiting on others to get you the information you need? Infogix SagacityTM is the next generation, self-service, big data analytics platform designed to handle not one, but multiple steps from data acquisition and preparation to data analysis and operationalization. Designed with a data preparation visual workflow, Infogix Sagacity empowers the business user to aggregate and control data in order to accelerate and improve the subsequent data analysis process, applying analytics to extract value from your data.

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Data Governance Suite

Our cloud-based solution, Infogix Data3SixtyTM, accelerates time to deployment and delivers an all-inclusive view of your organization’s data landscape to combat the increasingly complex demands around regulations and compliance, and the shifting tides of business policies and business alignment. Our solution allows you to easily define, track, and manage all aspects of your data assets, enabling collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and user empowerment through transparency across your enterprise.

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