We work with 4 of the top 5 health insurers in the United States.

Our software solutions help healthcare payers analyze data in real-time as it moves across your enterprise. We automatically analyze 100% of transactions, whether inside or outside of our business process, to ensure accurate analytics. Our data analysis solutions were originally designed for healthcare over 30 years ago, and have kept pace with the changing paces of the ACA.

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Automating Reconciliation of 834 Membership & Enrollment Data



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Improving a Claims Validation Processes


The Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform

Using a horizontal platform, Infogix is industry and system agnostic, with the capability to analyze data across your enterprise by capturing, analyzing, acting, and communicating business analysis results. The Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform capabilities span across the enterprise, improving data quality, ensuring effective transaction monitoring, providing balancing and reconciliation, and identifying and predicting fraud and customer behavior. With flexible cloud and on-premises deployment options and cost effective implementation, your organization benefits from a wide range of business outcomes.

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