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We chose Infogix because they are a pioneer in
bringing innovative data solutions to the
financial services, insurance, healthcare and
media communications industries.
Joe Olexa, IT Control Group Manager at Progressive Insurance.

Risk &

Discover compliance solutions that help you avoid fines, penalties, loss of sensitive data, increased scrutiny from regulators, and damage to your brand reputation.

Risk & Compliance

Data Governance &

Leverage governance solutions that allow you to put the correct processes in place to ensure usability, integrity, and security of the data employed by your entire enterprise.

Data Governance & Quality

Revenue & Customer Lifecycle Management

Predict your customer’s propensity to buy, churn, commit fraud, up-sell, or perform a plethora of other activities and ensure you maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

Revenue & Customer Lifecycle Management


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Infogix Controls

Infogix Controls Solutions ensure data integrity with a customized solution of checks and balances, all designed to work seamlessly within your own processes.

Infogix Analytics

Deep inside your data lies the key to discovering who this customer is and who they are not, as well as their propensity for certain actions.

Infogix Visibility

Infogix Visibility Solutions report how your operation is running in real time. You get visualization tools with BI-capabilities, using data you can trust because it’s been verified by Infogix Controls.